RUPES Microfiber Pads

RUPES Microfiber Pads

Cut, polish, and finish like a pro!

RUPES is known for setting trends in the automotive refinishing industry, and their revolutionary new microfiber cutting and polishing pads continue this tradition. Designed and manufactured entirely in house, RUPES Microfiber Pads promise to offer superb cutting and finishing abilities along with outstanding durability.

RUPES Microfiber Pads feature several new industry-firsts, including a polyurethane resin that is injected directly into the structure between the Velcro interface and the microfiber fabric. The resin adheres directly to both materials to provide a stable and secure bond without using adhesives. This enables RUPES Microfiber Pads to outlast and outperform other microfiber pads on the market.

Thanks to the unique molding technique, RUPES is able to offer a pad that can conform to convex shapes during the polishing process, similar to a traditional foam pad. This ensures that RUPES microfiber pads are making contact with the surface 100% of the time, reducing polishing time and improving the overall finish quality. RUPES Microfiber Pads are the first of their kind to offer spiral slots in the design of the pad. The innovative spiral slots represent an important technical improvement with a unique design. These spiral slots dissipate heat at an enormous rate, allowing the pad and the paint to stay cooler. Advantages to RUPES Microfiber Pads:

  • Quick defect correction on hard (ceramic) clear coats
  • High efficiency on all paint systems, including single stage
  • Greatly reduced polishing times
  • Less dust on the surface during polishing process
  • Comfortable and easy to use

RUPES Microfiber Pads are available in two configurations and multiple sizes:

RUPES Coarse Microfiber Cutting Pad
RUPES Coarse Microfiber Cutting Pad is designed for removing heavy swirl marks, oxidation, scratches, water spots, and sanding marks from all paint systems. The RUPES Coarse Microfiber Cutting Pad features a short and dense microfiber pile and is perfect for use with heavy cutting RUPES Big Foot Polishing Compound, like Zephir Gloss or Quarz Gloss. The special microfiber material allows for the true correction power of the product used.

RUPES Fine Microfiber Finishing Pad
RUPES Fine Microfiber Finishing Pad is designed to restore the depth and clarity to your vehicle's paintwork. The long and soft microfiber pile is perfect for removing light swirl marks, holograms, and water spots using an ultra fine Big Foot Polishing Compound, like Keramik Gloss or Diamond. RUPES Fine Microfiber Finishing Pads eliminate light imperfections while delivering a perfect finish.

RUPES Microfiber Pads need to be properly cared for to ensure maximum operating life. Clean your pad often with a Foam Pad Conditioning Brush to remove spent polish, oxidized paint and other embedded contaminants that were removed from the paint during the polishing process. When you're finished using the pads for the day, soak them in a bucket of warm water and mix in one ounce of BLACKFIRE Citrus Pad Cleaner. This citrus-based degreaser removes caked on polish and wax residue, leaving your pads clean and ready for future polishing sessions. After they've soaked for 15 to 20 minutes, thoroughly rinse them out and allow them to air dry in a well ventilated area with the backing material facing up.