Buffing & Polishing Kits

Buffing & Polishing Kits

Restoring a car’s paintwork requires a variety of supplies to do it right. A buff and polish kit from Autogeek is the easiest and most affordable way to get those precise items. We’ve used our decades of automotive detailing experience to assemble packages for smoothing or resetting the finish. Then we discount the price versus buying the individual products separately. You’ll save time and money, it’s a car care win-win!

Car Polish and Buff Packages

Shop hundreds of carefully chosen kits for everyone from first-time polishers to professional detailing shops. An intro buff polish kit might include one or two compounds, a few cutting pads and some microfiber tools. More advanced packages contain a large assortment of pads and tools for tackling any level of paint correction. Some come with a mechanical polisher proven to pair perfectly with the other supplies. There are even kits that let you choose your own pads.

Make Shine Happen

Even if you only need certain polishing supplies, there’s still a bundle for you. Are you partial to certain types of buffing pads? Order a pad kit with plenty of your favorites. Want to get more life from your current pads? We have polisher pad cleaning kits. Shop brands such as Menzerna, Lake Country, RUPES and Griot’s Garage that are trusted in the automotive community.

Learn more about the products we offer by clicking on a kit that interests you or visiting the Pro Detailer Center. Autogeek provides free in-depth reviews and tutorials to help fellow car people with their projects.