Glass & Windshield Care

Glass & Windshield Care

Cars are meant to drive, and that means being able to see out the windshields and windows. Our windshield glass cleaner solutions will make them completely transparent for a clear view of the road. You may not realize just how much dirt, debris, smudges and haze build up on automotive glass until you’ve treated them with a high-quality car glass cleaner. At, we curate the finest glass care supplies at competitive prices so you can see what’s around you in crisp detail.

Car Windshield and Window Cleaners

Whether you’re cleaning off winter grime, need protection against sun discoloration or are restoring a vintage ride, Autogeek is the window car cleaning authority. We sell dozens of products from established brands for professionals and hobbyists. Car glass cleaner sprays and liquids take off the toughest grime while glass sealants and coatings help prevent future damage. Many serious detailers now apply ceramic coatings to glass; they make water bead up for better visibility in rainy weather.

If a car windshield gets a scratch or chip, don’t rush to replace it. Special glass polishes smooth away small imperfections at a fraction of what a new windshield costs. We also have the tools you need for these premium cleaners, including microfiber towels, windshield sponges and buffing pads.

Even if your only window-cleaning experience is with a gas station squeegee, we’ll help you produce great results. Visit the Geek Center for instructional videos, how-to guides and other tips. Autogeek also offers auto glass care kits for big savings on the supplies you need.