Carpet & Upholstery

Carpet & Upholstery

Automotive Carpet Cleaning Formulas, Brushes and Accessories

Other than your tires, the carpeting and upholstery are what suffer the most wear in a vehicle. Yet they’re also incredibly delicate, and we’ve seen many car interiors ruined by cleaning products that are too harsh or simply ineffective. By getting high-quality carpet and upholstery detailing solutions from, you can keep these surfaces feeling comfortable and looking great. These products are either developed in-house or curated by the leading car care brands to meet our quality standards.

Get Your Interior Looking Great

When you have the right cleaners and tools, you can maintain these surfaces through years of trampled road grime and all-day drives. Shop a variety of all-purpose carpet and upholstery cleaners as well as special formulas like enzyme eliminators for tough grease and protein-based stains, and peroxide treatments to sterilize surfaces and clean stubborn stains. Order small spray bottles for DIY garage or gallon jugs to keep your professional shop well-stocked.

Autogeek also has the tools you need to tackle tough cleaning jobs. Order scrub brushes, soap foaming guns, wet-dry vacuums, blowers and other supplies that are trusted by the country’s leading detailers. From convertible top brushes to steam cleaners, we will get you the right car fabric cleaning tools at competitive prices.

We Are Car Care

Our team also provides free education and training resources for car care enthusiasts. Visit the Auto Detailing Tips center for interior detailing how-to articles plus reviews of many of the products you see here. Remember to check out money-saving carpet and upholstery care kits if you need large quantities or are interested in a starter package.