Leather Protectants

Leather Protectants

Once you’ve gotten leather upholstery sparkling with high-quality leather cleaner and conditioner, a protectant will help retain that like-new look and feel. Many things can hurt leather, including excess sun, water, skin oils and pet dander. And when the preservatives in the leather fade, your interior will be even more exposed. Leather protectants restore their resistance to staining and deterioration. They also make it easier to wipe off spills for faster, easier care. Get leather protection formulas from Autogeek.net to help maintain the luxurious feel — not to mention a little added shine.

Defend Your Leather Interior

We have dozens of ways to stop leather’s enemies in their tracks. A standalone interior leather protectant is the strongest, longest-lasting option, making them the choice of professionals. Shop protectants from CARPRO, Poorboy’s World, Gyeon Quartz, Pinnacle Black Label and other respected brands. If you want a quick solution, some conditioners and cleaners have a built-in protectant. These all-in-one leather cleaners let you refresh seating and trim in less time while still delivering excellent performance. Choose from leather protectant sprays, balms and lotions that won’t leave an oily or sticky residue.

Protective Treatments for Car Leather Care

By giving your leather the attention it needs, it will stay elegant and comfortable. These protectants are also effective when caring for motorcycle leather or any other leather goods, including wallets, dress shoes, handbags and watch straps. Large money-saving bulk bottles of leather protectant are available for professional detailers or someone with a fleet of leather-upholstered vehicles. We ship fast and provide the knowledge you need for leather detailing.