Exterior Car Care

Exterior Car Care

Oh, the joys of wax! Back in the days where washing and waxing were about all there was to the everyday car owner, things were much less complicated. Now there are many more steps, dozens and dozens of products from which to choose, new-fangled fabrics, incredible instruments of implementation enough to make your head ache. If you don't know what you're doing, this all may seem overwhelming. We're here to help you find your way.

1. We've eliminated products that don't stack up to our standards and believe me there are many. Our products can't be found on the shelves of your grocery store; wouldn't be caught dead in a discount store; and the best ones may be available only through a handful of authorized distributors across the country. Offering you the best at great prices, takes the some of the guesswork out of setting up shop.

2. Items are categorized for quick finding. Below, you'll find the Car Care Kits section. This is a selection of all the products and tools you need for a certain task let's say, tires and wheels, for example thoughtfully put together, and offered at a reduced price vs. buying everything individually. This is especially convenient for a novice detailer, as it was assembled to produce thorough and superior results.

3. We've included instructions, tips and suggestions to assist you where applicable, and I'll continue to add to it to give you as much information about proper car care as possible. Knowledge kept all to one's self is wasted.

4. If you'd like more personal direction, have a specific detailing problem, or simply have a question about a product, our product experts are available to guide you. (800-869-3011)

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