Microfiber Buffing & Polishing Towels

Microfiber Buffing & Polishing Towels

Microfiber Towels for Polish Removal

Longtime detailers know the pain of having a precise polish or wax job spoiled because they used the wrong towel for buffing. Our microfiber polishing towels ensure the final step in this process gets the same attention to detail for a perfect finish. These short-nap towels have a slightly different composition than microfiber drying towels which makes them more effective for removing residue left by polishing and buffing compounds. By having specific towels for each step, you also reduce the chances of cross-contamination from compounding or general washing.

Use Microfiber Buffing Cloths for Best Results

Autogeek.net has a large assortment of microfiber towels for polishes, buffing compounds, carnauba waxes, paint sealants and other formulas. These dense, ultra-soft premium towels will get rid of haze without scratching the paint or clear coat. Some are even edgeless to prevent damage. Many manufacturers offer their car polish removal towels in several colors. For example, the RUPES D-A System of microfiber towels includes blue, yellow and white. You can color-code the towels based on the RUPES designation or your personal preferences, so you always know which towel to grab.

Established Microfiber Brands

In addition to RUPES, we are an authorized dealer of Cobra Microfiber, SONAX, Griot’s Garage, Speed Master and other respected names. Look for microfiber polish removal towel kits that include several polishing cloths at a discounted price — they’re great for DIYers who are just getting started or professionals who need to stock up. Visit the Auto Detailing Tips center to learn about the best microfiber towels that make shine happen.