Autogeek Vehicle Inspection Forms

This form is vitally important and if you're detailing cars for money, either part-time, full-time or as a hobby then you should not touch the car until this form is filled out and signed by your customer. The Autogeek Vehicle Inspection Forms (VIF) are a group of forms created by Autogeek's Director of Training, Mike Phillips, and professional detailers Renny Doyle, Joe Fernandez, and Robert DiTerlizzi. Perfected over the years and updated to include the latest in detailing technology, the Autogeek VIF provides detailed diagrams, definitions, and information for both you and your customers. Make sure your customers are on the same page, point out any existing flaws in a customer's vehicle, and provide an estimate for services all with the Autogeek VIF! Each PDF document is customizable and allows you to input your customer's information before printing - and with added space in the top margin, you can print on your company's letterhead if you want! Show both your exisiting and potential customers you really know what you are doing with the Autogeek VIF!

The Autogeek VIF form is available for cars, compact cars, motorcycles, SUV's, trucks, and vans!

Autogeek's VIF will be your most handy detailing tool yet! Scroll down to download your forms!

Download the Autogeek VIF for Cars HERE

Download the Autogeek VIF for Compact Cars HERE

Download the Autogeek VIF for Motorcycles HERE

Download the Autogeek VIF for SUV's HERE

Download the Autogeek VIF for Trucks HERE

Download the Autogeek VIF for Vans HERE