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Tire & Wheel Cleaners

Tire & Wheel CleanersAutogeek has a huge selection of tire cleaners and wheel cleaners for chrome, alloy, clear coated, and aluminum wheels. We stock wheel cleaners by the best in the business: Griot’s Garage, Meguiars, Mothers, Pinnacle, SONAX, and many more. The best wheel cleaners are water-based and non-acidic because they can be used on all wheel finishes without etching or spotting. Regular wheel cleaning removes brake dust and prevents buildup to protect the wheel finish from long-term damage. Many of our premium wheel and rim cleaners are also safe and effective on tires. We also carry all purpose cleaners and exterior cleaners to penetrate rubber and remove tire dressing buildup and soil. Read our guide How To Detail Wheels & Tires for more product suggestions and tips.

DP Tire & Wheel Coating Kit
Our Price:  $132.89
Sale price:  $86.99
DP Tire Coating Kit
Our Price:  $61.94
Sale price:  $44.99
Pinnacle Advanced Tire Cleaner
Our Price: $24.99
7 Reviews
BLACKFIRE Tire & Wheel Cleaner 32 oz.
Our Price: $29.99
10 Reviews
Wolfgang Über Wheel Cleaner
Our Price: $24.99
27 Reviews
Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner
Our Price: $24.99
13 Reviews
SONAX Wheel Cleaner PLUS <font color=red>New Formula</font>
Our Price: $23.99
32 Reviews
SONAX Wheel Cleaner Full Effect 16.9 oz.
Our Price: $15.99
47 Reviews
Mighty Mini Tire & Wheel SPEED Clean Kit
Our Price:  $264.92
Sale price:  $199.99
TUF SHINE Tire Cleaner 24 oz.
Our Price: $12.99
8 Reviews
Stoner Wheel Cleaner
Our Price: $9.99
5 Reviews
Griots Garage Wheel Cleaner 35 oz.
Our Price: $14.99
17 Reviews
Griot's Garage Foaming Tire Cleaner
Our Price: $7.99
1 Review
Optimum FerreX Iron Remover 17 oz.
Our Price: $19.99
7 Reviews
P&S Brake Buster Non-Acid Wheel Cleaner
Our Price: $8.80
25 Reviews
3D BDX Brake Dust Remover 16 oz.
Our Price: $18.99
3 Reviews
3D Super Wheel Cleaner
Our Price: $35.99
2 Reviews
303 Wheel Cleaner
Our Price: $13.99
303 Wheel & Tire Cleaner
Our Price: $11.99
303 Tire & Rubber Cleaner
Our Price: $12.99
2 Reviews
Four Star Ultimate Tire Cleaner Gel
Our Price: $17.99
2 Reviews
RUPES Fast Wheel Cleaner 1000 ml.
Our Price: $39.99
1 Review
CARPRO Iron X Iron Remover 500 ml.
Our Price: $19.99
75 Reviews
Meguiar’s Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner
Our Price: $12.99
15 Reviews
Amazing Roll Off 32 oz.
Our Price: $12.99, 2/$19.99
22 Reviews
Mothers FX Wheel & Tire Cleaner
Our Price: $7.99
5 Reviews