Sprayers & Bottles

Sprayers & Bottles

Many car detailing products are formulated to apply using spray bottles for better coverage and less waste. However, you’ll need a car wash bottle that can resist the chemicals and natural enzymes they contain. Even DIY cleaners like vinegar can chew right through an inferior bottle, causing leaks and creating harmful debris.

Autogeek.net has the best spray bottles and accessories for any detailing shop. These bottles are great for diluting concentrates or transferring cleaners from giant jugs to convenient portable sprayers. You can mix your own cleaning solutions in them as well using a bottle proportioner. They come from the same brands that make the cleaners you put in them, including Griot’s Garage, Speed Master, P&S Detail Products and Kwazar.

Spray Anything on Your Car

Trigger spray bottles come in many shapes and sizes. There are traditional water sprayers along with misters and pump spray foamer systems for the most efficient application of any cleaner. Some bottles are pre-labeled for specific products while others are blank to apply whatever label you want. We also have a large assortment of bottle sprayer heads, dispenser pumps and spigots to apply cleaning agents the right way. Look for high-output sprayers, acid-resistant sprayers and other accessories you know will handle strong automotive cleaners.

By getting the best pump sprayer for car detailing, you’ll produce better results faster. Look for spray bottle kits that will save you money when stocking up. Visit the Autogeek YouTube channel to learn more about the car detailing sprayer bottles we sell and see them in action.