Speed Master

Speed Master

As much potential shine as your car shampoos, glass cleaners, waxes and tire protectants offer, they’ll only reach that potential if you have the tools to match. Our Speed Master line-up of detailing tools will change how you clean. It all began with the Speed Master Wheel Brush, a revolutionary tool that quickly scrubs any wheel design, material and finish spotless without marring. From there, we’ve developed dozens of other tools to master car care while giving you excellent value.

Professional Detailing Tools

Keeping these tools in the shop will save you time and headaches on every project. The original wheel cleaning brush is still the industry benchmark with its flexible reinforced steam, feathered memory bristles and vinyl-coated tip. Order it as-is or as part of a money-saving Speed Master car care kit that includes cleaners and other supplies you’ll need.

But that’s just the beginning of the Speed Master detailing tool series. We have brushes and towels for any vehicle surface along with clay foam blocks, swirl detector lights, applicators, mechanical polisher racks and many other shop accessories. Some products are strong enough for detailing RVs and boats. No matter what vehicle you’re working on, work comfortably perched on a Speed Master rolling shop seat.

Car Care Done Right

Autogeek is constantly designing more Speed Master products for all-purpose and specialty detailing tasks. Call or email us if you have a specific project requirement you need help with. You can learn how to use many of the tools seen here by visiting the Geek Center.