Washing & Drying

Washing & Drying

Every car care project big or small begins with the wash. It’s the most basic part of the process and maybe the most intimate. Many people will tell you the time spent washing a vehicle, along with picking out the right car wash soap and tools, is their favorite part of owning it.

Whether you look forward to a morning in the driveway or just need a way to get it clean fast, Autogeek.net is where shine happens. We stock hundreds of the world’s best car wash products, many of which were developed in-house. From daily commuter vehicles to show cars, we’ll help you get them sparkling.

Car Cleaning Formulas & Accessories

Why are there so many car washing products? Because there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. You can get a basic car shampoo that does a solid job or use pH-balanced washes formulated with lubricants to minimize scratching and fading. Professionals use clay bars to remove microscopic particles, and at Autogeek, DIYers can order them, too. A car cleaning kit comes with cleaners, microfiber towels, wash mitts, foam cannons and other supplies at a discounted price. You even can pick up waterless car washes for times a hose isn’t available.

Need advice on what supplies you need or the cleaning techniques to use? Visit our Auto Detailing Tips center. We have free guides to polishing glass, reviews of the best microfiber towels and advice on how to remove bugs and tar. We are car care and will assist anyone who needs it with their car detailing project.