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Headlight Lens Care Products

Headlight Lens Care Products

Do-it-yourself Headlight Lens Restoration Kits & Polishes

Headlights don’t get the credit they deserve. They are the eyes of your vehicle. They allow you to see at night and be seen by other motorists. Without them, you’d be blind. That’s why keeping your headlights clean and clear is so important. Clear headlight lenses increase your safety and they improve the overall appearance of your vehicle. What good is detailing your vehicle if you’re going to leave the lenses yellow and cloudy?

Not sure where to start shopping? Our top pick is the Wolfgang Plastic Headlight Lens Cleaning System. This kit is great for beginners and professionals alike. Headlight restoration has never been this quick or easy!
The good news about headlight lenses is that they are correctable. Cars were originally built with glass headlights that were easily broken. Most vehicles built since 1990 have polycarbonate lenses. This is a type of clear plastic that bounces back from considerable impact, making it an ideal choice for the front of a vehicle. The problem with polycarbonate is its tendency to yellow and cloud over time as a result of UV exposure. Fortunately, a number of products have been formulated to remove this haze and clarify damaged lenses with minimal cost and effort. In most cases, replacement can be avoided.

We’re happy to offer several lens clarifying products that are easy to use and deliver fantastic results. Along with names like 3M, Wolfgang, and Meguiar's, you’ll find tips and instructions to help you get the most out of your purchase.

Check out how the Wolfgang Plastic Headlight Lens Cleaning System will transform your headlights!

Save yourself the time and money of headlight lens replacement with these products specifically formulated for the job!

Other popular kits that are highly rated by our customers:

Wolfgang Plastic Headlight Lens Cleaning System

"AWSOME RESULTS ! As usual...Wolfgang products are as good as it comes ! Thanks AutoGeek’s for carrying there complete line of products." - Rick

3M Lens Renewal Kit 39014

"This system has great Directions for Use that make it very simple to follow. The difference from before to after look likes new headlights were put in the car. It’s amazing!" - CarOwner345

Meguiars Headlight & Clear Plastic Restoration Kit

"Bought this and tried it on my 2003 BMW X5. Lenses were seriously clouded - almost opaque. With the drill and some heavy buffing - they are clear! Probably would have been easier if I had sanded first - but it worked regardless! Highly recommend." - Harry

3M Lens Renewal Kit - 39014
Our Price: $27.99
15 Reviews
Meguiars Keep Clear Headlight Coating
Our Price: $10.99
2 Reviews
Mothers NuLens Headlight Renewal Kit
Our Price: $24.99
16 Reviews
SONAX Headlight Restoration Kit
Our Price: $29.99
3 Reviews
Mighty Mini Extreme Headlight Restoration Kit
Our Price:  $268.88
Sale price:  $179.99
McKee's 37 Headlight Restoration Kit
Retail Value: $40.96
Our Price: $34.99
4 Reviews
McKee's 37 Total Headlight Restoration Kit
Retail Value: $57.45
Our Price: $39.99
19 Reviews
McKee's 37 Headlight Protectant Spray
Our Price: $14.99
6 Reviews
Wolfgang™ Plastic Headlight Lens Cleaning System
Retail Value: $98.91
Our Price: $59.99
31 Reviews
Wolfgang Deluxe Plastic Headlight Lens Cleaning Kit
Retail Value: $118.91
Our Price: $89.99
4 Reviews
XPEL Headlight Protection Film Kit
Our Price: $69.99
4 Reviews
Dr. Beasley's Headlight Coating Kit
Our Price: $49.99
1 Review
Griots Garage 3 Inch Orbital Polisher
Our Price: $104.99
24 Reviews
3M Lens & Hard Plastic Cleaner - 39017
Our Price: $10.99
6 Reviews
Mothers PowerPlastic 4Lights
Our Price: $9.99
1 Review
Meguiars Mirror Glaze #18 Clear Plastic Detailer
Our Price:  $9.99
Sale price:  $8.99
3 Reviews
Meguiars Plastic Care  Kit
Our Price:  $24.99
Sale price:  $19.99
7 Reviews