Headlight Lens Restoration

Headlight Lens Restoration

Restoring cloudy headlight covers is essential both for road safety and your vehicle’s looks. Since 1990, most vehicles have been manufactured with polycarbonate lenses. This clear plastic has excellent impact resistance but eventually turns cloudy and yellow from exposure to the sun. Lenses also can get scratched by road debris.

But you don’t need to replace these old lenses to get a clear view. Autogeek.net has the products and knowledge you need to enjoy clean headlights once again. Knowing how to clean headlights can save a lot of time and money, and it’s something anyone can do. Remove the haze from headlight plastic using supplies from WeatherTech®, Wolfgang, Optimum®, SONAX and other established brands.

Clean Headlights with Autogeek

Order a headlight restoration kit that has everything you need to make them shine. These money-saving packages contain headlight cleaner and polish, cutting pads, microfiber towels and other products. Via a simple process, haze and light scratches are smoothed away to leave a crystal-clear lens in its place. The individual formulas are available to purchase separately if you’re restocking a professional shop, and remember to add a sealant or protective barrier so your restored headlights last.

Watch our Headlight Lens Restoration Guide for the basics of how to clean car headlight lenses. Many other videos and product reviews are available on the Autogeek YouTube channel. Headlight cleaning products also can be used on brake lights, taillights and other hard plastics for optimal clarity. When you flick the lights on, you’ll understand why Autogeek is where shine happens.