P&S Detail Products

P&S has been a big name in the detailing industry for over 50 years! All throughout the years they have been in business, they have been constantly inventing and renovating newer and better products. P&S has produced products that assess many different aspects of detailing. From paint correction to liquid waxes, P&S has a high-quality product to service your needs!

Beadmaker from P&S has quickly become one of the most popular detailing products on the market today. This is result of the care and commitment that P&S puts into the manufacturing and formulation of each and every product they produce! P&S creates products that professional detailers can use to provide top quality results job after job. This is because many of the team members at P&S ARE professional detailers! In fact, one of the P&S team members is even the President of the IDA (International Detailers Association)! They understand what a product needs to do in order to cut it in the professional detailing circuit. If P&S products are good enough for professionals, then they will certainly be a great choice for detailing enthusiasts as well!

Unlike most other professional detailing lines, you won't have to spend an arm and leg to get incredible results consistently time and time again! P&S has even teamed up with detailing master, Renny Doyle, to produce a line of professional grade detailing products catered specifically to professional detailers. The Double Black, Renny Doyle Collection is an exceptional line of products that will allow your detailing business to take it to the next level of quality results!