Convertible Top Care

Convertible Top Care

Convertible Top owners know the joy of the first day of the year that's warm enough to take the convertible top off-the wind-blown hair and feeling of elation and freedom. But there is a price to pay. If you're fortunate enough to have a convertible vehicle to enjoy, your focus is probably on the vehicle sans top, not on the top itself.

A unique set of care issues come with your convertible top. Fabric, clear plastic and vinyl are far more delicate and vulnerable to radiation, acid rain, and the elements than painted surfaces. They must be protected, can be difficult to keep clean or clear, and finding a good quality product can be a challenge.

We've decided to dedicate an entire category for convertible tops. This section applies not only to automotive, but any bimini top, marine and patio seat cushions, or RV awning-as they all face the same ravaging effects of over-exposure. Having a few of these in our own collection, we know the frustration that one may feel in obtaining good information on how to properly care for fabric, plastic and vinyl that are constantly barraged with UV rays, wind, rain, humidity, pollution and a number of stressors that threaten the strength, integrity and beauty of these somewhat fragile surfaces.

A quick word to the wise: If you have the opportunity to protect your convertible top-whether it's vinyl or fabric-do it the very first day you bring it home, before it has a chance to get dirty. Pay special attention to the stitching. Manufacturers use poly-cotton thread-comparatively weak, and always the first thing to go. The stitching needs a UV sealant or protectant, if it's to hold things together for any amount of time.

Regardless of what your convertible top sits upon, once in its reclined or removed position, we all experience a taste of the same, unmatched state of awareness--the rush of the breeze, the warmth of the sun, and a rare oneness with the world around. Here's to tops-off!

"This merchant made my purchase very easy. Being a woman, I don't know much about products needed for cleaning cars, especially my car roof, since I just bought a convertible and wanted to clean the top with a product specially made for that purpose. All of the products spelled out what they were and what they were for, as well as how to use them, which made my purchase very easy. Thank you Autogeek!" - A. Thompson, Musella, GA

Don't Know If Your Convertible Top is Fabric or Vinyl?
RAGGTOPP Easy Test Method

Place water on your convertible top and rub gently with your fingers.

If the water absorbs into the convertible top. You have fabric convertible top.

If the water smears and stays on the top. You have vinyl convertible top.