Clay Bars & Decontamination

Clay Bars & Decontamination

Vehicle paint needs to be completely spotless before applying polishes, waxes and coatings. Any dirt or grime can prevent these finishing products from bonding to the surface — or worse, get sealed in as a semi-permanent blight. Our clay bars and clay bar lubricant will remove even the tiniest debris for a sleek, smooth appearance.

Even after using high-quality washes and cleaners, some debris might remain. A clay bar for car detailing will take off dead bugs, bird droppings, tar and other contaminants without time-consuming compounds. You also can use a clay bar to remove overspray after repairing paint scratches and chips. We’ll help anyone put together a clay bar kit to effectively clean automotive paints and clear coats.

Make Your Paint Shine at Autogeek

Detailing supplies that were once exclusively found at detailing shops and dealerships can now sit on your garage shelves. We sell an assortment of clay bars and clay lube to use for paint cleaning. If a bar seems daunting, hobbyists can use clay foam blocks, clay mitts and clay towels. If your paint is filled with iron deposits, automotive iron removers will remove them without damaging the finish. We have storage cases as well to preserve your detailing clay for future projects.

Autogeek is where shine happens and it begins by only selling the best clay bar products from established brands. Shop Gyeon Quartz, Griot’s Garage, Pinnacle Natural Brilliance and Chemical Guys clay bar solutions among others. Read our “How to Use Auto Detailing Clay” guide to get started.