Interior Cleaning & Protection

Interior Cleaning & Protection

You know it’s only a matter of time before dirt, dust, spilled drinks and other debris get all over your car’s interior. But with the right cleaning and protection supplies, you can get any surface looking like new again. Regular interior care, along with quickly addressing any accidents, will keep small problems from turning into big ones. Use these automotive interior cleaners on daily commuters, freshly restored classic cars and anything else you want to look great.

Versatile Interior Care

We sell products from established brands such as Hybrid Solutions, RUPES, Chemical Guys and GTechniq, who share our appetite for gorgeous interiors. For day-to-day care, interior cleaners should be your go-to. We have all-purpose interior cleaners along with formulas for leather, vinyl, and plastic — plus screen cleaners for your LED stereo display. Microfiber towels remain the best way to apply these cleaners with a streak-free finish.

Auto Interior Cleaning Supplies and Accessories

When stubborn stains and crud pop up, be prepared with an assortment of interior detailing brushes. They’ll remove debris while being gentle on delicate materials. And who doesn’t want to prevent stains from happening in the first place? Interior protectants and coatings create a barrier against moisture and UV fade that lasts for months.

Keep Your Interior Shining

Both DIYers and professional detailers count on for their interior car care needs. Look for car interior cleaning kits if you want a one-stop system or are stocking up for a busy summer season. Visit the Auto Detailing Tips center to read free expert articles about how to clean any interior.