Vacuums & Blowers

Vacuums & Blowers

There are plenty of chemical sprays, polishing compounds and waxes to help with car detailing. But sometimes, good old-fashioned airflow is what you need. A car detail vacuum or blower from Autogeek should be in every serious detailer’s garage. These products can be used to clear debris without rubbing it around and potentially wreaking further havoc. Wet-rated tools also quickly remove excess water, so it doesn’t leave spotting and mold behind.

We stock the leading car vacuum brands such as Metro Vac World and Tornador that deliver impressive performance without breaking the bank. To learn more about selecting and using these professional tools, visit the Geek Center for free tips.

Vehicle and Shop Cleaning Products

We will help you find the best detailing vacuum for cars and trucks that fits your budget. A car vac sucks up water and debris into a container while a car blower simply blasts them away. Generally speaking, a vacuum for car detailing is best in narrow spaces and makes disposal easier. Blowers are faster and work better in open areas. A specialized car cleaning gun like the Pinnacle Tornador Z-010 will blow cleaning formulas into areas you can’t reach using your hands or a spray bottle.

Equip your shop with a performance car vacuum or car dryer along with the right replacement parts such as filters, hoses and cloth bags. Many of these tools can be used for shop cleanup, too. Shop where shine happens with competitive pricing and free shipping on qualifying orders.