Paint Chip & Scratch Repair

Paint Chip & Scratch Repair

Paint blemishes are inevitable no matter how careful you are — but you need to take care of them fast before they lead to rust and other lasting damage. Our chipped paint and scratch repair products have proven to be effective and cost a lot less than a new paint job. In as little as two or three steps, you can do professional car scratch repair that will be unnoticeable to even the closest inspection.

Repairing Auto Paint Scratches Fast

 Autogeek has everything to fix scratches, paint chips and road rash for a restored shine. A Dr. ColorChip car scratches repair kit can be used on a variety of paint flows. They’ll provide color-matched paint with all the tools and instructions you need. This isn’t simple touch-up paint – it’s high-quality auto paint that is mixed when you order it.

If you have light scratches and swirls, a polishing compound or rubbing compound is often the best choice. Apply products such as Blackfire Compound, RUPES DA Fine Polishing Compound and Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover using a polisher and pad. We also have sanding discs if you need to level and smooth heavy scratches – and remember to add wax or sealant afterward to protect against future flaws.

Remove Any Paint Scratch

We only sell car scratch repair products that meet high standards for performance. Read our full guides on How to Remove Scratches and How to Repair Paint Chips for instructions from car care experts. This mix of great products and knowledge is why we are car care.