Microfiber Products

Microfiber Products

Veteran detailers know the benefits of microfiber towels for cars and trucks. Their blend of polyester and polyamide fibers make the cloth incredibly soft yet strong for cleaning, drying and buffing. A microfiber towel also is much more absorbent than other materials, leaves a spotless finish and has a lower risk of scratches or scuffs. Many car care professionals now only use microfiber tools for certain cleaning and detailing jobs. Autogeek.net is among the believers, and we have a big selection for anyone who needs a microfiber cloth.

Microfiber Car Wash Towels & More

While there are plenty of all-purpose microfiber towels, which are sufficient for entry-level DIY detailing, those most passionate about their craft often prefer to use task-specific cloths. At Autogeek, you can purchase the right microfiber cloth for drying, wax removal, wheel detailing, glass cleaning and much more. Microfiber towels are available to use with waterless washes for best results. These towels typically have several per pack so there’s always a clean one available.

Many auto detailing tools are also made with microfiber. Shop here for microfiber wash mitts that make it easier to scrub. We also have coating application towels made for applying ceramic coatings, which are known for needing specialized tools. Using specially formulated microfiber cleaners will extend their life for many cleaning projects.

To get professional results, you need professional tools. Let Autogeek help you find the right microfiber cloth for car detailing or a money-saving microfiber towel kit that covers all your bases. We only sell proven products from established brands with fast U.S. shipping.