Microfiber Towel Kits

Microfiber Towel Kits

Using clean towels is a must when detailing a vehicle — and if you’re a serious detailer, you’ll need a lot of them. Save money and make sure you always have enough towels by ordering a microfiber towel bundle from Autogeek.net. Stock up on one type of towel or several at a discounted price versus ordering one by one. We’ve put together these kits using high-quality towels from established manufacturers and our in-house brands. From initial wash to buffing and waxing, you’ll be ready with the right towel.

Best Value on Microfiber Towels

We can help find the right set of microfiber towels for any need. Shop microfiber drying towels, polishing towels, all-purpose towels and more. Many kits are assembled for common detailing tasks, such as our Cobra Microfiber Wheel Washing Kit which includes a micro-chenille wash mitt. Need an easy way to keep track of your towels? Get a color-coded microfiber towel kit so you don’t end up with cross-contamination. There are even kits with a dozen microfiber cloth styles for people who want to get every detail right.

Care for Your Car and Towels

You never want a complex detailing job to come to a screeching halt simply because you ran out of towels. Our microfiber kits let you spend less and do more in your shop. Some kits also include a special microfiber detergent; read our guide on How to Care for Microfiber to help your towels last. We are car care and will make sure you always have the right supplies.