Microfiber Glass Towels

Microfiber Glass Towels

Use our microfiber glass cleaning supplies to give yourself a clear view when you’re on the road. The soft, absorbent material is excellent for both applying your glass cleaner to a window and wiping the surface dry. Microfiber towels for glass have short fibers and tight weaves. This ensures a shiny finish on car and boat windshields with no scratching, smears or linting. Many detailers also use these towels to clean the windows in their shops and homes.

Streak-Free Windshield Cleaning

When you need the right tool to clean automotive glass, the answer is clear. We offer an assortment of microfiber supplies from brands that share our passion for car care and our commitment to quality. In addition to traditional towels, you’ll find microfiber glass mitts and reach-and-clean tools. Other unique designs include carbon fiber-infused microfiber towels to reduce static and multi-purpose towels to use on other interior surfaces.

If you own a busy detailing shop, you can keep the shelves stocked with microfiber glass towel kits. Be sure to also check out the SONAX Windshield Sponge — it’s an easy way to remove moisture and fogging from the inner windshield.

Clean Glass Like A Pro

Autogeek.net has more than 25 years of experience helping people care for their cars. We’ve carefully chosen these microfiber products for our catalog because they get results. Read our Glass Cleaning Facts & Tips to learn about how to use microfiber towels and other glass cleaning supplies.