Driving a convertible expresses who you are – and so is how you care for your convertible top. RaggTopp by Wolfsteins Pro-Series is trusted by professional detailers and DIYers worldwide to keep convertible tops looking great. Their silicone-free cleaners and protectants are formulated to deliver immaculate results without damaging paint, plastic, chrome or any other surface.

RaggTopp products are so effective they have been endorsed by HAARTZ, the designated convertible top fabric supplier for most U.S. and European automakers. Fabric or vinyl top, modern Mustang® or vintage Corvette, they make the right rag top cleaner. Autogeek.net is an authorized dealer of this respected brand with everything you need to fully enjoy the freedom of a convertible.

Car Care from the Top Down

Tackle every stage of convertible top cleaning with our competitive prices on the best products. Start with RaggTopp Fabric and Vinyl Cleaner that removes dirt and inhibits future stains and mildew on any surface. We also carry convertible top conditioners to restore worn-out covers and convertible top protectants to guard against rain, mud and UV rays. Get a RaggTopp Fabric Convertible Top Care Kit or vinyl kit with everything you need, including special brushes, at a special discount.

Not sure what convertible top material your vehicle has? Read our guide on how to tell the difference. You’ll also find SoftTopp cleaners formulated specifically for Jeeps and SUVs. Visit the Geek Center to learn more about using RaggTopp products for care and restoration.