Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coatings

When vehicle protection is your first and second goal, a ceramic coating stands alone. These advanced coatings use nanotechnology based on resin or quartz which makes them much stronger than carnauba wax and paint sealant. The best ceramic car paint coatings provide 3-4 years of resistance against UV rays, rain, salt, chemicals and road debris. This durability is combined with a glass-like reflective shine, and most are self-cleaning so debris practically melts away.

If you want a low-maintenance car care solution for long-lasting great looks, order ceramic coatings from Autogeek.net. We are an authorized dealer of the most respected international paint coating brands and also have developed house labels that are high on performance and value. Shop products from Jescar, SONAX, Mothers®, 303 Gold Eagle and others that understand shine.

Premium Ceramic Coating for Cars

Dozens of formulas are available to protect every square inch of an automobile. From liquid and spray ceramic car coating to ceramic-infused shampoos, detailers and all-in-one polishes, we have the right products for professionals and DIYers. Ceramics aren’t just for paint, either. Add a ceramic coat to glass, wheels and plastic trim to form a barrier against harm.

To get a vehicle ready for its coating close-up, you’ll need to make sure it’s spotless first. Our rinseless washes, cleansing polishes, panel wipes and other surface prep products remove contaminants so the ceramic can properly bond. Visit the AutogeekOnline forum for free application tips or to learn more about the differences between ceramic coatings and sealants.