Swirl Removers, Compounds and Polishes

Polish away swirls and scratches with our swirl removers, car polishes, compounds, and scratch removers. Each polish levels swirl marks to restore a smooth, glossy finish. Think of your vehicle's clear coat as its outermost layer of skin. If you hit it with something or rub something rough on it, it will scratch. These tiny scratches and swirls are like scars on your paint. They detract from the beauty of your vehicle and dull the overall shine. However, unlike many scars, you can fix most of the minor scratches and swirls on your paint with a premium polish or swirl remover. Polishes and swirl removers are basically the same product. They contain tiny abrasives that dull the sharp edges of scratches and swirls so they do not catch light. When a grain of sand scratches your paint, it creates jagged or sharp edges in the clear coat that are evident when light reflects off of them. The abrasives wear down those tiny edges so the swirl or scratch disappears. These abrasives are too small to scratch your clear coat or single stage paint. Some polishes and swirl removers, like Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover, employ “diminishing abrasive" technology. These abrasives get smaller and smaller as you rub until they disappear, making it impossible to scratch your paint.

Polishes and swirl removers are unlike paint cleaners in the fact that paint cleaners do not have abrasives but some do have fillers. Polishes and swirl removers do not contain fillers. They actually remove swirls and scratches, which a paint cleaner cannot do. If your paint has no visible swirls and is in overall good shape, a paint cleaner is probably sufficient. If your paint has a few battle scars, a polish or swirl remover is your best option. We offer many fine polishes and several grades of swirl removers to address any swirl problem. Always follow with a coat of wax because polishes and swirl removers will remove existing wax. Video Part 1
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