Leather Cleaners

Leather Cleaners

Since faded and cracked leather can’t always be restored, preventative care is always your best option. Our collection of leather cleaners is a simple and effective way to maintain leather seats, steering wheel covers and other upholstery. In most cases, you simply apply the cleaning agent to the leather and wipe it down with a clean towel or cloth. These formulas will lift away dirt, skin oil, food debris and anything else that might get trapped in the pores. With regular cleaning, your leather will remain soft and supple for a better driving experience.

Leather Cleaning for Cars

We have many leather care formulas from established car care brands. Using a basic leather cleaner or shampoo as part of your regular cleaning schedule will satisfy most everyday drivers. These cleaners remove tough debris without causing discoloration or damaging the stitching.

If your leather has gotten a little faded or dry, a 2-in-1 leather cleaner and conditioner will restore its brilliance. More advanced solutions like Mother’s All-in-One Leather Care add a protective layer in the same step. Because they’re made to be gentle on leather, many formulas are also safe for other interior materials like vinyl, rubber, plastic and carpets.

Advanced Leather Care

From small spray bottles for DIYers to gallon jugs for full-time detailers, we have the right auto leather care product in the right amount for your needs. You can use these cleaners on anything else made of leather, too, including gloves, shoes and furniture. Read our How to Care for Leather guide to learn more or contact our customer service team for assistance.