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Microfiber All-Purpose Towels

Microfiber All-Purpose TowelsWhen you need a towel that can do it all!

With the many different aspects of car detailing, each one needing a microfiber towel to get it done right, you need some towels that are able to handle multiple different tasks! However, some of these tasks do not always require having a dedicated type of towel specifically for that purpose. For instance, you can use the same type of towel to clean your door jambs that you would use to clean your engine bay. So, there is no reason you should spend extra money on a different towels for each task! Each of the towels on this page are perfect for a wide variety of cleaning, wiping, and buffing needs, allowing you to save money by using the same towels for multiple jobs!

These towels are exactly what you are looking for in an all-purpose towel! They have a shallow nap that makes them idea for scrubbing and cleaning. They are the perfect size, allowing you to easily work with them without having to worry about having "too much towel" for any one job. They even come in multiple colors so you can avoid cross contamination when necessary!