When automotive detailers and restorers around the world need premium car polishing equipment, they trust RUPES to deliver. This Italian company has been developing innovative electric and pneumatic tools for auto pros since 1947. Although RUPES makes excellent sanders, grinders and air purifiers, the detailing community knows them for polishing supplies. A RUPES polisher is computer-designed for excellent performance and manufactured in facilities that put the worker first for health, safety and comfort.

RUPES Cleaning & Detailing

Autogeek is proud to have been chosen as a distributor for RUPES USA detailing products. The RUPES Random Orbital BigFoot Polisher was their first tool to be sold in the U.S., and it continues to be the foundation of their lineup. Whether it’s the original BigFoot LHR 15ES, the ultra-powerful BigFoot Mark III or the compact RUPES BigFoot Nano for tight spaces and motorcycles, we have a RUPES polisher for sale to meet your demands.

RUPES polishes and accessories perform just as well in busy shops. The DA Polish System uses color-coded pads and compounds, making it easy to pick up the correct supplies and get started. They have buffing pads for every project, including coarse wool cutting pads, fine microfiber finishing pads, foam buffing pads and abrasive discs. A RUPES Polisher Kit will get you started while costing less than buying everything separately.

Visit Autogeek University or our online YouTube channel for articles, how-to videos and tips to polish your vehicle with RUPES. We also can answer specific questions Monday-Friday — call us toll-free and see why “we are car care” isn’t just a saying.