Car Waxes and Paint Sealants (Synthetic)

Car Waxes and Paint Sealants (Synthetic)

Paint Sealants are relatively new on the detailing scene but they've quickly become a favorite among detailers who want fast and lasting results. The appeal of these manmade paint protectants is two-fold: they are easy to apply and they last a long time. For people who don't have a lot of time to detail, that's a winning combination!

Paint Sealants were created as an alternative to natural carnauba waxes. They tried to duplicate the shine of carnauba but also offer some benefits that a natural product just can't provide. One of those benefits is longevity. Paint sealants last anywhere from 4-6 months, depending on climate and driving conditions. The typical carnauba only lasts 6-8 weeks. Sealants like Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze can even last up to a year!

This feature makes paint sealants a perfect choice for busy people who just want long-lasting paint protection. Because paint sealants usually come in liquid form, they are much easier to apply than a carnauba paste wax. Again, this appeals to a busy driver. The one area where paint sealants have struggled to compete with carnauba is the shine. But newer formulations are very close to the liquid-looking shine of a carnauba. The untrained eye would never know the difference!

Below are the very best paint sealants modern technology has to offer. If you can't decide what paint protection to choose, layer Souverän over a coat of Klasse All-In-One or Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant.
The results are stunning!

BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax creates a liquid, fluid gloss on black and dark colored vehicles

Black car wax - maximizing the shine potential of your vehicle's black paint. Recent breakthroughs in surface care technology have enabled car care manufactures to manipulate and fine-tune certain wax and sealant formulations so they work better on black and dark colored vehicles. If you have a dark blue, dark red or black vehicle, consider a car wax designed specifically for that application, like BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax. This wax fuses carnauba wax with German-sourced, color-charged montan wax to create unsurpassed depth and gloss on black and other dark colored vehicles. Its hybrid formula combines the benefits of synethic and natural ingredients fused into a single unique black car wax formulation. Unlike a traditional carnauba car wax that has durability measured in weeks, a single application of BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant wax will last up to five months!