Washing & Drying Kits

Washing & Drying Kits

Car washing methods have advanced a lot in the past 15-20 years. Just look at how your grandparents washed their cars (if they even washed them at all!): all they needed was an old kitchen sponge, some leftover dishwashing soap, and a ratty old shop towel and they thought it was as good as new!

Thankfully, now we know better and we are able to fully equip ourselves with the right tools for the car washing job. Now comes the tricky part; which bucket, carwash soap, wash mitt (microfiber or sheepskin!?), and towels do you need to get the best possible wash?

We know there is a ton of products out there so we try to do some of the research for you. And by research we mean that, over time, every car in the Autogeek parking lot got cleaned with a different combination of products and they were all paired off and bundled together to make the best car wash bucket kits available. You'll find car wash bucket kits for coated cars, waxed cars, never-before-been-washed cars, and only-spent-time-in-a-garage cars.

Featuring shampoo and rinseless wash products from almost every line we carry, spotlighted by the best wash mitts and gloves, and rounded out with our favorite drying towels, you're sure to find the car wash bucket kit that's perfect for you!

And once you've armed yourself with the best, check out our Proper Car Washing & Car Drying Techniques Guide to make sure your wash is all that it can be!