Washing & Drying Kits

Washing & Drying Kits

Getting your car show-worthy means more than just grabbing the first cleaner and towel you happen to see. Depending on whether a vehicle has a wax coating or sealant, is just off the dealer lot or has been driven 100,000 miles, or many other factors, different cleaning product combinations will be needed to produce the result you want.

Our wash and dry kits are geared towards offering cost-effective solutions. To create these car washing kits, the Autogeek team tried out hundreds of products and sorted them based on their performance in specific situations. Of course, that meant washing a lot of cars. But it was worth it to assemble packages that will leave you with a great-looking machine.

Save Big on Quality Car Cleaning Supplies

At Autogeek.net, we have car wash kits for every automotive enthusiast. Our wash bucket packs can include shampoos, waxes, microfiber towels, wash mitts and many other products. Get poly clay and iron eliminator kits for deep cleaning or special bundles aimed at removing winter crud. Other favorites include our portable waterless wash kit, wash and wax packages and foam cannon packages that add a fun (and effective) pre-washing routine.

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Ordering car washing and drying kits gives you more than just perfectly paired supplies. You’ll also save money versus buying everything separately — and you’ll save time since we’ve done the hard work. Read the Autogeek guide on How to Properly Wash & Dry Your Car to make the most of your new kit.