Exterior Car Detailing Kits

Exterior Car Detailing Kits

Caring for your car is a big job. But at Autogeek, we don’t think a great detailing job should put a big hit on your wallet. Exterior vehicle detailing kits are the easiest and most affordable way to get the supplies you need. A car detailing package is perfect for DIYers and new shop owners who don’t want to feel overwhelmed from the get-go. But many industry veterans order them as well to save money and time.

Our kits feature the biggest and most respected brands in car care. Some come directly from the manufacturer while others are curated by Autogeek.net detailing experts. But they all feature products proven to work well together at a discounted price — so all you have to worry about is delivering the best possible shine.

Best Deals on Car Care Kits

Many exterior automotive detailing kits are available for the many jobs involved in this process. Use the “Type” filter to find packages created for specific tasks or that contain certain tools and accessories. Everyone should start with a car wash kit to remove grime before getting to the nitty gritty. From there, browse kits for tire cleaning and dressing, glass cleaning, ceramic coatings, paint sealants and a lot more.

Don’t take our word for it that these kits have all the products you need. Visit the Autogeek YouTube channel and watch how-to videos of the complete detailing process and the supplies required. We also demonstrate how to use everything you see here. This education and training is one more way that we are car care.