Wheel & Tire Kits

Wheel & Tire Kits

Nothing makes more contact with dirt, water, debris and tar than your wheels and tires. That means car care kits from Autogeek.net are a must for anyone serious about their vehicle’s footwear. We bundle cleaners, dressings, microfiber towels, detailing brushes and other products that are expertly matched by our team. You don’t have to spend time guessing what works with what because we’ve figured it out for you. Detailers also save money since our kits are priced lower than if you buy the items separately.

Perfectly Detail Your Tires and Wheels

Browse a variety of kits to bring out the shine on everything from daily drivers to race cars. Our all-purpose clean tire combos and wheel kits are a simple solution for anyone new to detailing. P&S Brake Buster kits will wipe out brake dust and oil with a special non-acid formula. To retain the glossy look after cleaning, use tire coating and wheel sealant kits that provide months of protection. If you already know your favorite tire and wheel care products, look for a bulk kit. They include large jugs and/or multiple spray bottles of cleaners from Meguiar’s, Blackfire, Dr. Beasley’s and other respected brands.

The Knowledge You Need

Whether you drive in perfect weather on high-performance tires and rims or frequently encounter winter and off-road conditions, Autogeek.net is where shine happens. Before you choose a tire and wheel kit, read our guide on How to Detail Wheels & Tires. It’s an easy way to learn from people who are passionate about car care.