Washing Your Car With A Foam Cannon

Washing Your Car With A Foam Cannon

While washing your car is one of the most basic steps in detailing, the actual method of washing can vary greatly. You have the standard wash-mitt-and-bucket combo, the two-bucket method, rinseless washing, waterless washing, etc., etc.. While all of these methods have their pros and cons, another favorite method is the use of a foam cannon. When paired with a foaming shampoo, washing your car with a foam cannon cuts your washing time in half – plus it’s FUN!

Spraying a car with foam.

We have both foam cannons and foam guns available – if you’d like to see which system works for you, check out this article in our Geek Center. A foam cannon is used with a pressure washer, and is generally a favorite of professional detailers. But even if you’re a detailing weekend warrior, once you use a foam cannon, you’ll probably never go back!

Check out the step by step guide below featuring the MTM Hydro PF22 Professional Foam Cannon and the Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo below and see if this system could be right for you!

Before connecting the foam cannon to the pressure washer, mix your washing solution. Here we used the Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo. Although not traditionally a “foaming” shampoo, we’ve found that when used with a foam cannon, the suds produced are much bigger than that of the traditional bucket method! Simply add 2 oz. of Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo into the container and fill the rest with water.

For this guide, the Kranzle K1622TS 1600 PSI 1.7 GPM Pressure Washer was used. Ensure you have the proper fittings needed to connect the pressure washer and Foam Cannon (a fitting guide can be found at the bottom of the Foam Cannon page.

Hooking up pressure washer to foam cannon Hooking up pressure washing with foam cannon

Then comes the fun part! Simply start spraying the foam around the entirety of the vehicle. How you proceed with this part portion is at your discretion; you can spray the entire vehicle, scrub the surface, then rinse, or you can work panel by panel foaming, scrubbing, then rinsing away. If working in direct sunlight, be sure to not allow the washing solution to dry on the surface (this prevents water spots from forming).

Spraying foam onto car. Spraying foam onto car.


Car covered in car washing foam. Spraying foam onto car.


Once your car wash is complete, you can continue on with your detail - it's that fast!

While the initial set up might seem like more work than just filling up a bucket of water, the ease in which you’ll be able to wash your car after is more than worth any additional time spent in the beginning. And we promise, once you start washing your car with a foam cannon, you’ll never want to go back to the old way!