IK Sprayers

IK Sprayers

For the experts, by the experts!

Designed for experts by experts, IK Pressure Sprayers are ideal for use during detailing. With the ability to quickly saturate and area with your desired product, the IK Pressure Sprayers are heavy-duty and perfect for both the professional mobile detailer and the DIY-detailer!

Crafted of a thick polyethylene and polypropylene material, the IK Pressure Sprayers are build to last! They can be used everything from acidic wheel cleaners to harsh solvent based cleaners to eco-friendly waterless washes. The included nozzles and sprayers feature a safety valve with a depressurization option making a detail safe than ever!

Save the fatigue in your hands by using a high-quality pressure sprayer – the IK Pressure Sprayers!

Make your detailing easier than ever with IK Pressure Sprayers!