iK Sprayers

iK Sprayers

Whether you need to foam up your vehicle for general washing or blast wheels to remove road film and brake dust, an iK sprayer that is ready for the job. iK Sprayers has been making industrial-grade spraying products since 1959 and have a track record of excellence. Every iK sprayer and pressure sprayer is manufactured following ISO 9001 standards and designed to saturate surfaces with cleaning formulas fast.

You’re always getting quality and versatility with an iK spray bottle made of thick polyethylene and polypropylene. This material, along with the spraying nozzles, can withstand the harsh chemicals and acids found in many specialty automotive cleaners. iK professional sprayers are also used to clean and disinfect bicycles, industrial equipment, appliances, windows, bathrooms and more. 

iK Car Care Sprayers

These heavy-duty sprayers offer professional performance at a DIY price. An iK foam sprayer is perfect for sudsing up grimy vehicles while being easy on the paint and clear coat. The iK Foam Pro 2 Sprayer has a unique pressurizing system and different nozzles depending on the foam type. For the fastest and most advanced pressure cleaning, use the portable iK Foam Pro 12. Get the Multi Pro 2 Sprayer for using corrosive cleaners and disinfectants or pick up a simple trigger sprayer everything from glass cleaners to wheel solvents.

By using iK sprayers, you can quickly make shine happen without wearing out your hand and causing harm. Select a product or visit the Autogeek YouTube channel to learn more about how to use iK for a variety of detailing needs.