Detailing Brush Kits

Detailing Brush Kits

Removing dirt and grime from your vehicle almost always requires multiple cleaning brushes. Some have bristles that are too rough for certain components while others are too soft — and sometimes you just need a backup brush in case the main one gets filled with gunk. Our auto detailing brush kits are an economical way to get the tools you need. You’ll receive everything you need for comprehensive detailing or specific jobs at a discounted price. Each kit has been curated by our car care experts who have used these brushes and know they’re ready to sweep grime away.

Stock Up on Detailing Brushes

Detailing brush packages are ideal for both DIYers and professionals who want to save time and money. We offer a variety of kits for whatever job demands a little extra scrubbing power. 

If you need a more all-purpose kit, consider a Cobra Microfiber detailing brush set with tools for the interior, engine bay and emblems. Get brushes designed to clean different lug nut sizes or unclog your vents. Large kits with applicator pads and microfiber towels are an almost all-in-one package — just add your cleaners of choice.

Established Car Care Solutions has been a leader in high-performance detailing for more than 25 years. With fast shipping, we make sure you get quality detailing brushes at a competitive price.