Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Spray Coating How-To

Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Spray Coating How-To

What is it? - Spray-on SiO2 Ceramic Coating.

What does it do? - Seals the surface of paint, plastic and glass using nano sized particles of silicon dioxide.

When do I use it? - After first washing and drying your car and then doing any other normal steps you would do to prep the paint to be sealed with a conventional wax or synthetic paint sealant like claying and paint correction. If you want to skip the steps of claying and paint correction you can do so and simply use the product after first washing and drying the car.

Why should I use it? - This spray-on ceramic paint coating will do the following for paint, glass and plastic,

Extreme gloss - So much gloss that the word I use to describe the appearance is glassy. The glassy look a term I use to describe paint that is even more glossy than the appearance you can get with a wax or paint sealant.

Extreme durability - Correctly applied, coatings simply don't wear off like car waxes and synthetic paint sealants. Of course, it is important to still wash a coated car carefully with clean wash mitts and a quality car wash shampoo.

Better protection - Because the coating forms a semi-permanent bond to the paint it lasts longer and because it lasts longer it's better able to protect longer simply by remaining on the surface.

Faster washing - Ceramic coatings create a hydrophobic or water-fearing surface - water naturally wants to get away from a ceramic coated surface thus washing is faster as dirt is released from the surface easier and faster..

Faster drying - The hydrophobic surface creates so much surface tension that water wants to get off the car - this means it will be a lot easier to either blow off with a car dryer or wipe off with any type of drying chamois.

Self-cleaning effect - Because of the hydrophobic surface, when it rains the water will run off faster and easier and take any accumulated dirt with it.

From the manufacturer:

Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Spray Coating

The power of ceramic coating in the convenience of a spray!

Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Spray Coating is an authentic ceramic-based paint coating, but in the ease of a spray bottle. Formulated to provide a layer of protection on its own, or as an enhanced booster of existing protection, Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Spray Coating provides an easy application process. Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Spray Coating is designed using true ceramic ingredients and delivers a hard, glossy finish that is hydrophobic. Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Spray Coating protection will last you up to one year and can be used on exterior surfaces such as:

• Paint
• Glass
• Clear coated wheels
• Headlights and tailights

Everyone is always excited for the after glow of a ceramic coating, the perfect ‘after' shot. However, everyone isn't necessarily excited about the process it takes to get there. Ceramic coatings typically take time and delicacy, and sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day. But with Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Spray Coating, you get the power of a ceramic coating in the simplicity of a spray bottle.

A ceramic coating chemically bonds with the car's paint and creates a new layer of protection. Because it forms a semi-permanent bond with the paint, it means it does not wash away easily. Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Spray Coating is chemically formulated with true ceramic ingredients, protecting your surfaces for up to one year and is safe to use on nearly all exterior surfaces. Surfaces including paint, glass, clear coated wheel and headlight.

Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Spray Coating provides you with a hard and glossy finish. This enhanced gloss is evident with the advanced reflective properties of the paint, as well as, adding depth and clarity. Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Spray Coating also makes the surface hydrophobic, allowing water to bead up on the surface and roll away, preventing water spots. This product can be used as a standalone product or it can be used to boost existing coatings.

What's truly great about Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Spray Coating is that it saves you time. Instead of going through the whole process of having to delicately use a suede towel around a foam applicator and carefully make your way around the entire vehicle, you can instead just easily spray Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Spray Coating directly onto the painted surface or onto an applicator.

Once the surface is sprayed, spread out with a microfiber towel and then wait until flashing (rainbow appearance) occurs. Once it occurs, wipe away excess product. Talk about a time saver!

DIRECTIONS: 1. Wash vehicle to remove large pieces of dust and debris and do proper prep steps when necessary.
2. Prep the surface to be coated with Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep for proper adhesion of coating.
3. Spray Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Spray Coating directly onto the painted surface, being mindful of overspray, or onto a microfiber applicator.
4. Spread the product using an applicator or microfiber towel.
5. Wait until flashing (rainbow appearance) is completed and then wipe off excess product.
6. Continue around entirety of vehicle.

Real-world testing...

Yancy had already washed his new Dodge Charger so I was able to skip the washing step. So next up, I simply followed the directions and coated his car using the new Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Paint Coating.

Prepping the paint for proper bonding of the coating

First up was to wipe the paint down using the Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep. This is a panel wipe by any other name and smells like Bubble Gum, so it's a pleasure to use. It also wipes on and off really easy so wiping down your entire car can be done in about 20 minutes or less. This is key to the performance of the coating as the coating needs a clean surface in order form a proper bond.

Mist the Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep onto a panel or a section of a panel.

Spread over the section using a clean, dry microfiber towel.

The Wolfgang Perfect Finish Paint Prep wipes off easy leaving a perfectly clean finish that's perfect for application of the Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Paint Coating.

Mike's Comment - New Cars

If you buy a brand new car, assuming the paint has survived unscathed during its time on the dealership parking lot, NOW would be the best time to use this product. Simply wash and dry the car, inspect of above surface bonded contaminants using the Baggie Test and if needed, use some detailing clay to remove the contaminants. Then prep the paint with the Wolfgang Uber Perfekt Paint Prep and then install the coating.

The best time to coat a car is when it's BRAND NEW. And with this simple to use spray-on product, you can do-it-yourself and safe hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Afterwards, just use common sense and WASH AND DRY YOUR CAR CAREFULLY - using new clean wash mitts and drying towels. Don't put it off, when car is brand new - it's really the best time to use a ceramic paint coating.

If you wait and put it off, normal wear-n-tear will show up in the appearance of swirls, water spots and scratches and these will require machine buffing to correct. So nip it in the bud and if you're buying a new car, truck or suv, coat it ASAP.

Installing the coating

After wiping all the paint, glass and plastic down, next up it's time to apply or to use the correct lingo used in the ceramic coating world, it's time to INSTALL the Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Paint Coating. This is where there's a HUGE difference in the TIME FACTOR compared to most other coatings. Instead of using a small foam block with a microfiber suede patch wrapped around it, you use it like a spray-on wax. That is you mist some onto the panel to be treated, spread with one side of a microfiber towel and then flip to the dry side of the towel and spread the product out even more as it flashes to leave a uniform layer. That's it. Done. Move onto the next section or the next panel. It's super easy and you can FEEL the surface become super slick and slippery after wipe-off. This was really apparent on the glass on Yancy's car.

Mist a little Uber Ceramic Paint Coating onto the windshield....

Notice how the spray nozzle does a really good job of atomizing the liquid. This enables you to cover a large area with just a mist or two...

Next spread the product over the surface so that the entire area is covered with a film of the coating....

Then flip to a fresh, dry side for the final buff. Be sure to remove any high spots of coating at this point.

Use the same above application process for paint and plastic surfaces....

Mist a little Uber Ceramic Paint Coating onto a section of paint....

For your first wipe, spread the product out to create a thin layer over the section you're coating....

FLASHING Here's what the coating looks like under good lighting conditions - you can see the colors of the rainbow in the film of coating on the paint as it's flashing off or evaporating.. (I couldn't capture this on the glass),

Then quickly flip your towel to a clean, dry side and give this area a final buff. The first time you wipe a section you're spreading the product out, then the second time you wipe this section you're doing both, your spreading out and removing any excess. You want to do this quickly or the coating will dry and become difficult to remove. So divide larger panels like the hood, roof, trunk lid and even doors and fenders into smaller sections.

Repeat this same process to any plastic surface like your headlights and taillights...

You can also use the Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Paint Coating to coat clearcoated and painted rims.... Use the Uber Perfect Finish Paint Prep first....

Then to apply to rims, use a clean foam applicator pad. Mist a little onto the applicator pad when starting out to moisten it with the coating....

Then mist some of the Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Paint Coating directly onto the rims...

Spread evenly over the spokes, lips and face of the rim....

Then give area treated a final buff....

Probably the fastest, easiest to use spray-on ceramic coating on the market today

In about 45 minutes, give or take a few minutes depending upon the size of the car, you can prep the paint and then coat it and get results like these!


I really like this product. It makes the paint feel super slick and slippery and that's how I like car paint to feel. Most coatings make the paint feel rubbery. If you've used a few brands of ceramic coatings you know what I'm talking about. The rubbery feel means after all is said and done, if you go to wipe your car's paint with any microfiber towel for any process, like drying the car, or applying a booster, or using a waterless wash, the towel just seems to >stick< to the paint. Drives me up the wall. Not this coating, it leaves any surface NOTICEABLY slick feeling. I showed this to Yancy on the windshield of his car. When wiping the Wolfgang Uber Perfekt Paint Prep over the glass the towel just stuck to the glass. AFTER treating with the Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Paint Coating - now the glass is smooth and slippery feeling. It was a dramatic change that took place on the surface of the glass but also the paint and plastic on his car.

Best of all, if your car doesn't need any paint correction, OR even if it does need paint correction, if you don't have the time or inclination do the machine polishing steps, just skip them and go right to the coating. You'll get the glassy, candy coating look without all the prep work. And if your car does have swirl and scratches, maybe this doesn't bother you as much as the OCD car owner? Or maybe your car is white or silver and it's harder to see the swirls and scratches.

The fast application time for this spray-on coating simply cannot be beat. If you want your car's paint protected with a long-lasting ceramic coating but don't have the time for hours of machine buffing, definitely give the Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Paint Coating a test drive. You're going to love this product. AND just as good, you can also use this as a maintenance product on itself or any coated car. Just mist and wipe and done.

I'd recommend getting at least a 6-pack of microfiber towels. You'll need 3-4 to wipe the car down with the Wolfgang Perfekt Paint Prep. I used one towel to spread out the coating and give the paint a final buff to remove any high spots. Both product have a fast flash time so your towels don't get soggy wet and thus you have more working time with them.