How To Prepare Your Vehicle for Fall

How To Prepare Your Vehicle for Fall

With Fall right around the corner it’s time you started thinking about the best way to prepare your car for the falling leaves and crisp temperatures. Maybe you didn’t realize how important preparing your car for fall is, and that’s okay, many people don’t. After all, fall doesn’t seem nearly as hazardous as winter. But even though you (hopefully!) won’t be driving through snow drifts and freezing temperatures in September, October, and November, it’s still essential that your car be prepared for the season ahead.

How to prep your car for fall weather

Prepping your car for fall doesn’t have to be complicated; in fact, it’s very close to the same preparation you would do for the other seasons! The most important thing to remember is protection, protection, protection. If your paint and other exterior surfaces aren’t protected, it doesn’t matter if the weather is perfect and there’s not a cloud in the sky – UV rays and other environmental contaminants will start to degrade and can harm your painted surfaces.

Coat your vehicle with BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Paint Coating Coat your vehicle with BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Paint Coating

Coatings are the most effective method of protecting your exterior surfaces, but can also be the most complicated. However, Autogeek has a huge selection of coatings that can be used by both professional detailers with years of experience as well as DIY-enthusiasts that detail for fun!

Here’s a list of our favorites, starting with the easiest to use and progressing to a more complicated application process (oh and most are available in all-inclusive kits to make shopping even easier!):

DP Paint Coating

DP Glass Coating

DP Wheel Coating

BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Paint Coating Black Edition


Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating

IGL Ecocoat EZ Ceramic Coating with Graphene

GYEON Q2 Syncro Evo

But exterior surfaces aren’t the only surfaces that should be protected. With fall weather comes a lot of rain and you know what that means – mud! Tracking mud in and out of your car every time you get into it can definitely start to degrade your carpet and other upholstered surfaces. Before the leaves to fall this season, make sure your interior upholstery surfaces are protected with a quality fabric protectant, your leather is protected with a quality leather conditioner or sealant, and your plastic and vinyl surfaces are protected with a quality plastic protectant. 

Protect your interior fabrics with BLACKFIRE Fabric Protectant! Protect your interior fabrics with BLACKFIRE Fabric Protectant!

Here’s a couple of bestselling products designed to protect all season long:

BLACKFIRE Fabric Protectant

303 Aerospace Protectant

DP Leather Conditioner

DP Interior Surface Protectant

Pinnacle Black Label Leather And Vinyl Coating

303 Automotive Protectant

Again, the key to fall preparation is protection and as good as all of these products are, some times the best way to protect is to COVER these surfaces. Do you have a summer car that gets put into storage for these “dirtier” months? Or perhaps you’d rather your OEM car mats stay in pristine condition to protect your future resale value? Luckily, Autogeek carries tons of other protection products, including car covers, car mat protectors, and headlight films, that are custom made for your vehicle and they protect better than any coating ever could.

Protect your interior surfaces with more than just chemicals.

Covercraft Protection Products

WeatherTech Automotive Accessories

I know we’re starting to sound a little repetitive here but the most important thing to consider while preparing for the coming season is how PROTECTED is your vehicle? If it’s not protected against the harsh environment conditions, you’ll start to see the toll it can take on your car!

If your car is already prepped for fall and you’re looking to maintain it during the season, check out our, “Fall Maintenance Guide” for tips and tricks on washing, boosting, and more!