Wolfgang Bug Removal & Paint Protection Guide

Wolfgang Bug Removal & Paint Protection Guide

The Ultimate Defense Against Bugs and a Lasting Shield for Your Ride!

When you’re a vehicle owner, there are a couple things that may come to mind when you think of the summer months – whether you have enough drying towels in your supply to dry off those summer rains, if your coating is up to the added challenge of those harsh UV rays, and of course, the BUGS. Love bugs, mosquitoes, June bugs, moths, the list of summer insects is endless and they seem to always find a wait right onto your paint and windshield!

Making sure you have the right products on hand to both remove those bugs and then restore protection is crucial summer vehicle maintenance – and we’ve got some stuff that might help you out!

Bugs on front of car.

The most important product you need when it comes to bug removal is, of course, a bug remover! Wolfgang Bug Remover Spritz is a gentle cleaner that will remove insect remains from the front of your vehicle with very little agitation needed. Of course, the longer those bugs have been the on the surface, the harder they will be to remove, but Wolfgang Bug Remover Spritz works to dissolve those remains and loosen the grip they have on your paint.

Spraying Wolfgang Bug Remover onto car's surface Spraying Wolfgang Bug Remover Spritz onto the surface.

You start by spraying the Wolfgang Bug Remover Spritz directly onto the insect remains on your glass, paint, or metal. Allow to dwell on the surface (length of dwell time dependent on severity and how long they’ve been there), but do not allow to dry.

If necessary, a bug sponge or microfiber towel can be used to agitate the surface and remove any stubborn areas. Be sure to use plenty of product for ample lubrication of towel or sponge. Once all traces of those pesky bugs have been removed, rinse the surface completely.

Rinsing surface after bug removal.

While the Wolfgang Bug Remover Spritz is a gentle cleaner specially designed NOT to remove your wax, coating, or sealant, it’s still a good idea to apply a quick layer of extra protection after insect removal. Since we’re using the Wolfgang Bug Remover Spritz to remove those bugs, you can use the Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax to restore some shine and protection!

For a spray wax, this product is very easy to apply – simply spray Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax directly onto the surface and spread around using a clean microfiber towel. Then you grab a second clean microfiber towel and buff the surface to a high shine.

Applying Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax onto surface. Wiping Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax from surface.

Just one application of Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax provides plenty of gloss, shine, and slickness and will make those insects that much easier to remove next time (because we all know what’s going to happen the second you drive away!)

Bugs are a summer staple and they won’t be going anywhere any time soon – but that doesn’t mean you and your car have to suffer that unsightly mess!