What's New

What's New

Whether you’re detailing a new car, restored muscle car or well-loved daily commuter, Autogeek wants you to use the best supplies available. Here, you’ll find the latest car care products and DIY detailing accessories we’ve added to our inventory so everyone can do pro-quality work.

Although Autogeek.net is known for our large selection, we’re aware that “new” doesn’t automatically mean “good.” Each potential product is put through a comprehensive process before it’s deemed sale-worthy. This includes Autogeek team members testing the item on their personal cars or those of family and friends. (Don’t worry, they ask permission first.) Everyone on staff is then informed of the results so they know whether it does what it promises. If it works for our vehicles, we’re confident it will work for yours.

Best Car Detailing Products

Since we’re an authorized dealer of the world’s most respected car care brands, we’re constantly alerted to new and unique detailing supplies. Shop the most recent offerings from CarPro Car Care, Jescar Finishing, RUPES, Griot’s Garage and other manufacturers. We also develop premium detailing products in-house under lineups such as BLACKFIRE, Speed Master, Cobra Microfiber and Pinnacle Black Label.

If you’re passionate about car care, count on Autogeek to stay on top of innovations and trends. From exterior detailing to kits and tools, we’ll show you what’s new. You’ll also see the most recent additions to the Geek Center, including sign-ups for advanced detailing classes and boot camps. Since 1997, we’ve been here for those passionate about car care with the newest supplies at the best value.