Be at the forefront of automotive detailing with our lineup of CarPro cleaners and coatings. CarPro CQUARTZ coatings were the first to use innovative detailing nanotechnology that exponentially increases the shine and longevity of any detailing project. Since its founding in 2009, CarPro has added sealants, tire coatings, bug removers and other formulas that also push the edge of detailing possibilities. Autogeek is an authorized North American dealer of CarPro detail supplies with great prices on their large selection.

Cutting-Edge Detailing for Professionals

The CarPro CQUARTZ car care series now includes their latest paint protection formula along with Skin vinyl wrap coating, DLux wheel coating, Leather 2.0 and other formulas. Quartz nano coatings are more durable and provide deeper protection than traditional waxes and sealants — and they remove minor paint and glass damage as you apply them. In the case of CQUARTZ, it literally changes the surface. The result is a clear, hard and weather-resistant shine that lasts up to two years.

At, you can purchase dozens of CarPro formulas and the right tools to apply them. The world-renowned CQUARTZ lineup is complemented by spot removers, rubber protectants, glass polishes and many other products for exterior and interior care. Many CarPro car cleaner kits and sample packages are available to either stock up or try things out before making a bigger investment.

Even those who are new to detailing can experience the lasting performance of CarPro. The Autogeek University online center is full of resources for all levels of car care enthusiasts. We have great prices and fast shipping so everyone can afford a good-looking vehicle.