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CARPRO CQUARTZ 30 ml. Kit - New SiC Formula!

CARPRO CQUARTZ 30 ml. Kit - New SiC Formula!

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New SiC Formula provides:
• Increased chemical resistance
• Improved ease of use
• Greater water resistance
• Even glossier & slicker finish

Durability you can count on.

CQUARTZ by CARPRO is a anti-static, weather-resistant nano coating that shines and protects your vehicle like nothing else! CQUARTZ works on the molecular level to transform the surface. Once treated with CQUARTZ, your vehicle will repel water and contaminants, and it will maintain a clear, reflective, hard-as-nails shine. One application can last two years!

If you're tired of frequent waxing, listen to this: CQUARTZ Ceramic Quartz Paint Protection creates an ultra durable surface that minimizes paint maintenance for up to two years. A CQUARTZ-treated vehicle stay cleaner longer, require less frequent polishing, and require no additional paint protection!

CQUARTZ fills in minor swirls.CQUARTZ provides:

Ultra hard coating. CQUARTZ contains ceramic nano particles, which create an extremely hard finish that is scratch-resistant and durable. The average thickness of CQUARTZ layer is between 0.7 micron ~1.5 micron.

Weather-resistance. CQUARTZ provides durable protection against rain, sun, salt, and anything else Mother Nature throws at it. The anti-corrosive coating holds up in all weather conditions.

High gloss shine. CQUARTZ contains nano fiber glass, resulting in a deep, reflective shine.

Water and oil proof finish. CQUARTZ provides incomparably strong water and oil repellency. This hydrophobic effect prevents water spots and oily stains from attaching to the paintwork.

Smooth, dirt repellent surface. CQUARTZ's nano particles fill in tiny swirls and imperfections in the paint to make it perfectly smooth. Therefore, dirt and dirty water cannot settle into any crevices. The finish is also resistant to bugs, UV rays, acids, and salts. Plus, the slick surface is anti-static and washes off easily.

Anti Calcium Effect. CQUARTZ prevents mineral deposits from bonding to the vehicle's surface so water spots can be wiped off.

Detergent-resistant protection. CQUARTZ cannot be removed by water, alkaline or other detergents, or by pressure washers. It lasts up to two years!

Self-cleaning effect. Most dirt and debris will not stick in the first place so you may find yourself washing your vehicle much less often.

CQUARTZ can be applied to virtually any surface: glass, wheels, plastics, leather, and rubber.

For the best results, prep your vehicle properly before applying CQUARTZ Ceramic Quartz Paint Protection. Wash and clay the paint to remove all impurities. Polish if necessary to remove imperfections. CQUARTZ is only a protectant so you want to clean and polish before applying CQUARTZ. When your vehicle is looking its best, apply CQUARTZ to freeze it in that condition. It's like pressing pause on your paint.

Nano technology has taken the car care industry by storm, but CQUARTZ Ceramic Quartz Paint Protection raises the bar of what nano technology can do for cars. CQUARTZ makes it possible to preserve your vehicle in its original condition with much less time and effort spent on maintenance.

CQUARTZ on a Mercedes. CQUARTZ on a silver Porsche.


  • Anti scratch improved by 50%
  • Fire and flame retardant ! 
  • Antioxidant
  • Insulation property 
  • Anti static
  • Anti acids and salts
  • Excellent high gloss effect - mirror finish.
  • HydroPhobic Water-repelling
  • Anti Calcium effect
  • Dirt-deflecting
  • Easy to clean/self cleaning effect
  • Weather protection
  • UV - weather-resistant
  • Insects and flies repellent
  • Anti corrosion
  • No more waxing!
  • Preserve car value condition
  • Can be used on matte finish paints
The 30 ml. CQUARTZ is enough to coat a standard size car. Apply very thin and evenly.

  1. Release pressure by opening the bottle slowly and away from your face and others. Tighten cap and shake the bottle lightly to mix the contents. Some pressure may build again. Use caution when reopening the bottle to apply to applicator.
  2. Wrap an included microfiber suede towel around the black bottom side of the applicator and apply a line of product down the center.
  3. Using a crosshatch pattern, spread the product across an approximate 2 sq ft section.
  4. Wait around 5 minutes until you see a white haze begin to form and buff away all excess. (This can be anywhere between 3-15 minutes depending on the temperature of the application environment)
  5. Switch out the microfiber suede every 2-3 panels.
  6. Additional coats can be applied around 45-60 minutes after the 1st coat or the following day if after 90 minutes.
  7. It is NOT recommended to top with Reload due to the extremely slick finish of CQUARTZ SiC, which is slicker than Reload.


  1. When washing always use a dedicated car shampoo and wash mitt. we recommend washing with IronX Soap Gel.
  2. Remove bird droppings from the paintwork as quickly as possible to avoid damage to the coating. CQUARTZ will protect from those for the first day or two, but not long term.
  3. Avoid using automatic car washes.
30 ml. CQUARTZ
4 Suede towels
1 applicator block

Warning! : contents under pressure. Do not shake. Open slowly. Aim away from face and others and wear gloves when opening.

Federal regulations prohibit the shipment of this products by air, 3 Day, 2 Day, or US Mail. This item is shipped by Ground only. Sorry but no APO or FPO addresses.

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12 Reviews
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67% Recommend this product (8 of 12 responses)
Amazing coating!
I finally understand what the hype is all about now regarding CQuartz. I used this to coat a Outback XT and just wow. The only thing I wish I had done different was I should have purchased the 50ml bottle instead of the 30ml. I was able to do 2 coats on 90% of the paint before running out of product. After the suggested wait time I topped it with Gliss. This coating is very easy to use.
ProsGloss, slickness, and protection. Very easy to use!
Redlands CA
Amazing high-gloss finish when paired with Essence
Recently applied this coating on my pure grey VW, which is basically a tinted white color so it can be difficult to get a ton of gloss out of. I did a full chemical and mechanical decontamination of the paint, compounded and then polished with Carpro's Essence on BOSS yellow pads. After letting Essence set up over night, I applied CQuartz (this is called Cquartz TiO2 on Carpro's web site) over all painted sections, let it flash for about 3-5 mins, and wiped it right off. It comes off with a very slick feeling when you time it right, and then I even tried it on the plastic trim which came out wonderfully. I then added a second coat the following day, and let the car cure in the garage for one more day. After the curing period, pulling the car out into the sun was an absolute treat. The surfaces of the car are so slick and reflective that the finish almost looks like it's chrome plated! It has been difficult to get that amount of shine out of this color and I am impressed. Durability has yet to be determined, but after discovering how difficult it can be to remove a day-old dried on high spot, I have high hopes for it lasting a long time. A week of daily driving later and bugs, dust, pollen all just comes right off. Nothing sticks to it!
ConsA little tricky to time the wipe-off in cooler temperatures.
Temple, Pa
Gave it a try
Coated my sons Honda Accord with this product seems to work as advertised. Hasn't been on vehicle that long to give an honest review.
ProsEasy on and off
Parkland , Florida
Not easy to apply correctly
First time applying this and got streaks from it going on too thick in places, didn't realize it til a few days later. I cant remove them without stripping the car. Other than that on the other places I applied it looks good. I have a few ceramic coat brands and this one is the hardest to apply correct.
Strongsville, OH
Great coating
This is a solid nano coating. I've put a few on, and this one is by far the best. Far better than Wolfgang which is the last one I was applying. Don't be afraid to put it on, its user friendly. It does seem to take a little more elbow grease to buff it off. But it works. Noticeably. And it adds what seems to be a very thick layer of protection. The water beads and sheets nicely. Follow with reload to maintain!