Griot’s Garage

Griot’s Garage

Car aficionados around the globe recognize Griot’s Garage — especially those who work on show cars and hot rods. Griot’s likes to say they do “car care for the perfectionist.” We put all their products through strenuous testing and consistently find ourselves agreeing with this assessment. The respect is mutual with Griot’s Garage having recognized Autogeek’s commitment to excellent products and customer service.

The other favorite saying of Griots Garage is “Have fun in your garage!” We think you’ll have as much of a blast as we do when using these car care supplies and accessories. Buy with confidence knowing that everything bearing the Griot’s name is 100% guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Griot’s Premium Car Care

Since Richard Griot founded the company in 1991, Griot’s Garage has released hundreds of innovative products. Best of Show® liquid car detailing products have lived up to their name by winning awards at the most famous automotive shows. The lineup includes Best of Show original wax, spray wax, and detailer. The Griot’s Garage BOSS System is another of their most notable creations. With long-throw orbital polishers as the foundation, you can choose from an assortment of color-coded pads, creams and sealants to be the boss of your car’s finish.

Those are just a few of the ways to experience the Griot’s shine. All liquid Griot’s products, including polishes, tire dressings and all-purpose cleaners, are still made in the U.S. Use our free expert guides to shop and see why we are car care.