GYEON Bathe Plus How To Guide

GYEON Bathe Plus How To Guide

Are you looking for the fastest and easiest way to boost the hydrophobic and gloss properties of your finish? Do it while you wash the car!

When it comes to multi-function products, GYEON Q2M Bathe+ is a revolution. It was the first wash soap to contain SiO2, and has been one of the most popular products in the GYEON line for many years. Q2M Bathe+ is designed to be used over a ceramic coated surface, but will add gloss and water beading to any finish. It is even great over waxes and sealants. It will keep the self-cleaning effect performing at the maximum to extend the life of the underlying protection. So how do we use it?

Use Q2M Bathe+ just as you would your regular wash soap, but with a small twist. Because of the SiO2 content in the soap, we do not want to let it dwell on the finish for an extended period of time.

Add GYEON Q2M Bathe+ into a bucket with water.   Use a strong jet of water to activate suds.

Put 15-20ml of soap in to your wash bucket and fill with water.

Using a high quality wash mitt, wash your car one section at a time and rinse immediately before moving on to the next panel. You will see the hydrophobic effect right away. For example, wash your Hood and then immediately rinse with water. Move on to the fender and rinse. The door then rinse. An so on, section by section around the car.

Use a strong jet of water to activate suds.   Use a microfiber wash mitt for best results.

Q2M Bathe+ is perfectly safe on all surfaces including paint, rims, glass and plastic. It will add instant protection to bare surfaces or boost the underlying quartz coating you already have on these surfaces. It can also be used over existing natural waxes or sealants improving their durability and gloss. The active SIO2 ingredient adds real protection that you can see every time you wash.

After washing, fully rinse the surface before drying.   Use a microfiber wash mitt for best results.