Menzerna Polishing Compounds

Menzerna Polishing Compounds

To truly make a vehicle look like new, Menzerna polish and cutting formulas set the standard. This German polishing compound company has been in business since 1888, so as long as there have been automobiles, Menzerna has helped polish them. Mercedes-Benz® and many other manufacturers use Menzerna car polish on their vehicles before they leave the factory. So do countless professionals who want to make luxury vehicles, sports cars and classic muscle cars outshine the rest. Menzerna is also a leader in boat care so all your engine-powered toys will stand out.

Best Polishing Compound Formulas

Shop at Autogeek for the right Menzerna compound to bring out the beauty in any project car. Products such as Menzerna Intensive Polish, Super Finish and Medium Cut Polish will remove decades of crud and fade. If you’re doing a restoration, a variety of heavy cutting compounds smooth out scratches, swirls and other imperfections.

If you’re new to detailing or need to restock the garage, Menzerna polish kits save you money on the best supplies. These kits include car buffing compounds and the tools to apply them. They range from simple beginner polishing kits to the Menzerna FLEX Ceramic Show Car Kit with an orbital polisher, paint sealant and more.

Autogeek is where shine happens with premium Menzerna polishing products and DIY knowledge. We’ll help you get your car looking great at a competitive price.