Buff and Shine

Buff and Shine

If you need to give your vehicle a good buff and shine, trust a company that takes this process so seriously they named themselves after it. Richard Umbrell’s father owned a car wash chemical company in the 1980s, and when he noted the poor quality of the buffing pads available, Richard decided to make something better. Buff and Shine car wash products was thus born in 1987 to serve the detailing community.

Richard still owns Buff and Shine and is still committed to high-quality polishing pads and accessories. He works directly with end users to determine what they need and thoroughly tests each new product to make sure it fulfills those needs. Autogeek.net has partnered with Buff and Shine to offer the best automotive buffing pads for show car and restoration projects.

Shop Where Shine Happens

We stock the latest polisher pads, buffing pads, cutting pads and finishing pads in sizes from three to eight inches. Check out the various Buff and Shine car care systems above to see all the proven solutions. There are Low-Pro Large Throw Foam Pads for sheer longevity, Uro-Tec foam pads for an unmatched finish, double-sided wool pads for mid-detail switches and many other options. Our team can also tell you which polishers the pads work best with.

Order the right Buff and Shine pads from Autogeek along with their foam applicators, backing plates and other accessories. Visit the Geek Center for free tips on how to use buffing pads and compounds so you always produce a lasting luster.