How To Clean Your Fabric Convertible Top

How To Clean Your Fabric Convertible Top

Wolfgang Convertible Top Cleaner

What is it?

A spray on cleaner that is safe to use for both vinyl and fabric convertible tops.

What does it do?

Removes dirt, dust build-up, road grime, environmental contamination, industrial fallout, air pollution and previously applied dressings.

When do I use it?

Use during the car was process.

Why should I use it?

To clean the top or any vinyl surface to prepare it for the application of the Wolfgang Vinyl Convertible Top Protectant.

From the manufacturer

Wolfgang Convertible Top Cleaner will allow you to clean both fabric and vinyl convertible tops for an as-good-as-new look. Wolfgang Convertible Top Cleaner will remove environmental contaminants from your convertible top. The residue-free formula of Wolfgang Convertible Top Cleaner rinses clean as it prepares the convertible top for protection. Designed to be used in convenience of spray, you won't have any excuse for not keeping your top clean.

Just because having your top down is a great feeling, does not mean that it can't be equally nice having your top up. Feel confident cruising down the road, knowing that your convertible top, vinyl or fabric, is looking like it just rolled off the lot.

Wolfgang Convertible Top Cleaner works on both fabric and vinyl convertible tops to remove dust, dirt, mud pollen and other environmental contaminants. Your clean surface will not only look good, but it will also be the ideal surface to applying Wolfgang Fabric Convertible Top Protectant or Wolfgang Vinyl Convertible Top Protectant.

Wolfgang Convertible Top Cleaner is also safe to use on Tonneau covers and car bras without leaving residue behind.

Easy-to-use, you won't have any reason not to keep your convertible top clean. All you have to do is spray directly on the surface, scrub the surface with a bristled brush or microfiber towel and rinse thoroughly. Difficult stains may dwell for up to 20 minutes, but do not allow solution to dry on the surface. Be sure follow up with one of the Wolfgang Convertible Top Protectants, depending on whether you need it for a vinyl or fabric top.


  1. Thoroughly rinse your convertible top to remove large pieces of debris.
  2. Spray Wolfgang Convertible Top Cleaner directly onto the wet surface.
  3. Gently scrub the surface using a soft bristled brush or microfiber towel, depending on severity of contamination.
  4. For more difficult stains, allow a dwell time of approximately 20 minutes.
  5. Rinse thoroughly and do not allow solution to dry on the surface.
  6. For best results, follow cleaning with a treatment by your selected Wolfgang Convertible Top Protectant.

Wolfgang Fabric Convertible Top Protectant

What is it?

This is a spray-on fabric protectant for canvas fabric convertible tops or any fabric material like seats, door panels or carpets.

What does it do?

Restores a water-proof barrier coating to convertible tops and all other fabric surfaces. Provides UV protection as well as helps to repel dirt, dust, road grime, spills and other contaminants.

When do I use it?

After first cleaning the top with Wolfgang Convertible Top Cleaner during the car washing process.

Why should I use it?

To protect and maintain your car's convertible top or other fabric surfaces. Also preserves the appearance quality and value of your car's convertible top or other interior fabric surfaces.

From the manufacturer

Wolfgang Vinyl Convertible Top Protectant brings you advanced UV protection to your coveted vinyl convertible tops. Feel free to raise the roof as Wolfgang Vinyl Convertible Top Protectant prevents fading, drying and cracking from ruining your vinyl. Wolfgang Vinyl Convertible Top Protectant is non-greasy and instead leaves the surface nice and matte. Easy-to-use, Wolfgang Vinyl Convertible Top Protectant is also safe for use on other exterior vinyl surfaces.

Convertibles are cars to be treasured. Who doesn't love rolling down the coat with the top down? But just because you can put the top down, doesn't mean you always have to. A convertible top can look just as new as the rest of the car when you use Wolfgang Vinyl Convertible Top Protectant. The Wolfgang Vinyl Convertible Top Protectant key feature is the fact that is protects vinyl against harmful UV rays. Wolfgang Vinyl Convertible Top Protectant provides a layer of protection hat prevents fading, cracking and discoloration. Keep your hair in one piece and keep that top up knowing that your vinyl is protected from anything the sun or other environmental contaminants can throw at it.

Your vinyl convertible top will be restored to its original look, allowing you to show off the entirety of car. Wolfgang Vinyl Convertible Top Protectant provides a sleek, matte-like finish, rather than a greasy one. This formula is also nourishing towards the vinyl and will maintain this look for weeks.

Cleaning and protecting your vinyl top couldn't be any easier with Wolfgang Vinyl Convertible Top Protectant. All you have to do is spray and then wipe away with a microfiber towel. However, it is best to first clean the surface with Wolfgang Convertible Top Cleaner. Wolfgang Vinyl Convertible Top Protectant can also be used on other exterior vinyl surfaces such as windshield wiper blades and tires.


  1. If necessary, first clean your convertible top using Wolfgang Convertible Top Cleaner to prepare the surface for protection.
  2. Allow to dry completely before applying Wolfgang Vinyl Convertible Top Protectant.
  3. Working out of direct sunlight in a 2 x 2 sq. ft. area, spray Wolfgang Vinyl Convertible Top Protectant onto the surface in an even layer.
  4. Using a clean microfiber towel, completely wipe away any excess product until dry.
  5. Streaking may occur if too much product is used and can be cleaned away with a wet towel.
  6. Continue until entire convertible top has been covered.
  7. For maximum UV protection, re-apply every 3-5 weeks.

My test car - A 1937 Ford Convertible with a canvas fabric convertible top

Here's the before condition, the top is dusty and dirty

With a few mystery stains here and there...

The water test

While it's pretty easy to identify a vinyl hard top, sometimes it can be difficult to tell the difference between a vinyl convertible top and a canvas convertible top and this is because with modern technology, they can make vinyl almost look like canvas. So here's a simple test you can do to make sure of the surface you're working on. Pour a little water onto the top and then push it around with your finger. If the water merely pushes around but never soaks into the material - you're working on vinyl. If the water penetrates INTO the material - you're working on a canvas cloth top.

For this top, as I push the water around with my finger the water soaks into the top. This confirms this top is a canvas, cloth top.

Dry Extraction

Before rinse a cloth top it's a good idea to first vacuum as much of any loose off the top and out of the weave. The reason why is because the primary goal is to get the top as clean as possible before sealing it with a protectant so you don't mearly seal-in the dirt. If you flush a cloth top with water, the water via gravity will pull the dirt and dust deeper into the weave. So before you start, vacuum or even blow-out the top as best as you can.

Step 1: Vacuum the top.

Step 2: Next rinse the top with a strong blast of water

Rinsing the top not only removes any dirt, dust and debris not removed via the dry extraction, it also WETS THE TOP before applying the cleaner.

Step 3: Spray a liberal amount of the Wolfgang Convertible Top Cleaner over the entire top.

Step 4: Agitate the cleaner over the top using a Horse Hair Brush or similar brush.

Warning: Do not use brushes with stiff, sharp bristles as this will tear-up the fibers of the top causing the top to look fuzzy.

Step 5: Rinse and flush all the cleaner and lifted dirt, dust and grime off the top.

NOTE: It's important to rinse the top thoroughly and until you no longer see any white slurry coming off or out of the weave.

Step 6: Blot the top dry - the least invasive method for drying a cloth top

Using a Guzzler HD drying towel, blot as much water as you can out of the cloth fabric. The blotting technique removes water without you WIPING a drying towel or chamois over the surface and like using a soft bristle brush, ensures you don't tear-up the fabric over time causing it to look fuzzy.

Place a Guzzler HD flat onto a portion of the top.

Then using your hands, press it against the top.

This technique will remove the majority of the water without every rubbing your drying towel or chamois over the fabric surface.

Continue using the blotting technique over the entire top. For most convertible, you'll need between 4-6 Guzzler HD drying towels.

Step 7: Allow the top to fully dry before treating with the Wolfgang Fabric Convertible Top Protectant

Tip: To speed dry the top, use an air-mover or even a fan.

Speed drying

Moving air will speed dry the top in a few hours enabling you to move-on to the protecting step. You can also move the car outside into warm sunshine but remember, moving the car outside risks having any air-borne dirt, dust or pollution landing back onto the top and settling into the weave.

Step 8: Spray a heavy or wet application of the Wolfgang Convertible Top Protectant onto the fabric canvas top

Be sure to spray plenty of the protectant onto any stitching as this will protect it too.


It's common to get overspray onto the nearby glass and paint surfaces. If this happens, simply wipe the overspray off using a clean, dry microfiber towel.

Allow Wolfgang Fabric Convertible Top Protectant to fully dry

Allow the Wolfgang Fabric Convertible Top Protectant to fully dry before putting the car back into service or getting the top wet.

Here's a close-up showing an even, wet application of the Wolfgang Fabric Convertible Top Protectant on the surface drying.

One bottle will easily treat one top. I recommend using the entire bottle in one convertible top maintenance session.

Final Results

A fresh, crisp appearance has been restored making the top look new again. Just as important, the top is now water-proof and protected from UV rays.

Ready to hit the road again!

This car has been detailed from top to bottom and by including a thorough cleaning and protecting of the fabric convertible top the final results are picture perfect!


The Wolfgang Convertible Top Cleaner and Fabric Convertible Top Protectant is super easy to use and by simply following the directions on the bottle or the steps I outlined above anyone can get professional results their first time and every time. The key is to take your time and do each step as best as you can. Like any car detailing related task, the end results are always dependent upon the prep steps. With Wolfgang, the products are safe and easy to use. All you have to do is make-up your mind to commit just one or two Saturday's out of the entire year to clean and protect your car's convertible top. The results not only look great but you'll find it to be a very rewarding experience knowing you can do it yourself.

When it comes to cars with canvas cloth convertible tops, I would have to say from experience, the majority of car owners NEVER take the time to clean and protect the top. Maybe because their scared? Maybe because they don't now what to buy or what to use? Maybe they think it's beyond their skill and ability? Whatever the reason, if you don't clean and protect a fabric top on a regular basis and especially on daily drivers exposed to the elements - the top isn't going to look good and it's not going to last a long time. It certainly won't last as long as the mechanical service life of the car.

Replacing a cloth top not only costs money for the top itself but there's also quite a bit of LABOR involved and the labor aspect is expensive too. We're talking thousands of dollars to a have a canvas convertible top replaced and you still have to cross your fingers and hope the job is done right the first time.

Save money, save headaches and it's really simple to do-it-yourself

You can avoid the entire cost and hassle of having your car's top replaced simply by being pro-active and once or twice a year, follow the steps I've outlined above. You can easily do the cleaning and protecting step in your driveway in just a few hours. Letting the top fully dry after washing and then fully dry after applying the protectant takes a little time but it doesn't require any work. So gather your supplies and set aside a weekend once or twice a year and take care of your car's convertible top. It will save you money in the long run and it will protect your automotive investment. Besides that - your top will look good and this makes your car look good. It also protects your investment when you go to sell or trade-in your car for the next convertible in your future.