Speed Master Cloud 9 Microfiber Towel Review

Speed Master Cloud 9 Microfiber Towel Review

Speed Master Towel buffing off dried on wax from car.

New microfiber towels!

3 brand new microfiber towels have just been added to the Speed Master line of microfiber towels. They com in gray, blue and green. These are all the same type of towels, just different colors.

Stack of Speed Master Cloud 9 Microfiber Buffing Towels.

Towel Details

These are a 80/20 blend, which means the towel is made from 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. The are a 500 GSM, which means grams per square meter, in simple terms, for a polishing cloth, these are on the heavy side and this shows up to you as thick and fluffy.


I love these towels - for the right jobs and the right products. Below I'll share an example of the right job and right product with some action pictures I took while using these new towels on a car I recently detailed.

There's a time and place for different types of towels, thick, fluffy towels like this are great for doing delicate work. Especially when working on soft paints and clearcoat paints, which tend to be scratch-sensitive. Besides at working great for soft and scratch-sensitive paints, these towels work great for products that wipe off easy, like carnauba waxes and synthetic paint sealants. Products that wipe off easy don't need a stout towel to fight them off paint, the soft, long fluffy nap of these Cloud 9 towels work perfect as they hold tons of product, (wax and sealant residue), while being super gentle to the finish. When folded 4-ways they are super thick and this thick folded towel works to spread out the pressure from your hand and finger tips making them even safer on soft and scratch-sensitive paint.

Besides the performance aspects of the towels, they simply FEEL good in your hand. These are nothing like the thin, cheapie towels you find in huge bags at discount stores. Those types of towels are great for wiping down door jambs but not the final wipe on your prized possession after an intense detailing session perfecting the paint. They feel soft to the touch to your hand and likewise they are soft to the paint finish.

Maintaining fluffy towels

I'm a huge fan of flat weave towels simply because it's a lot harder for them to become contaminated over time due to the flat weave. But soft fluffy towels like these are still great tools to have in your microfiber towel collection as long as you have a process in place to take care of these towels and all your microfiber towels. This process includes:

• A place to store your clean towels when not in use.
• A place to store used towels until you are ready to make a wash load.
• A place to inspect and fold your towels when they come out of the clothes dryer.
• And last but not least, back to number #1 - a place to store your clean towels to keep them clean until needed.

If you can do the above - then you're a great candidate for soft fluffy towels like you'll see below. IF you cant', then might as well get some shop rags.

Tall, thick, fluffy and super soft...

Here's two stacks of 6 towels. I always recommend to people when investing in quality tools, (towels are tools), to purchase a dozen of whatever type and style you're buying. Why? Because with 12 matching towels, you can make a SMALL WASH LOAD - where you only wash similar towels together. This makes for more thorough cleaning of the towels to remove whatever residues are lodged onto the fibers. It also helps to prevent cross-contamination from other products and other fibers from different towels. It's really simple - it's all about PRESERVING the original look and feel of the towels. I don't know many people that will wash a dedicated load of 3 towels, or even 6 towels. But a dozen towels is perfect for a small dedicated wash load for fine towels like these that you pamper your prized possession with.

Stacks of Speed Master Cloud-9 Towels.

These towels are the optimum size of 16" by 16" square

When you fold them 4-ways it creates a super thick towel that measure 8" square and this fits your hands perfectly.

Pile of Speed Master Cloud-9 Towels displayed to show size of towels.

Here's a close-up showing the millions of fine soft fluffy strands of microfibers

Close up of fibers showing extreme detail.


I forgot to mention above that these towels are edgeless. You cannot see or feel a sharp, course edge where the material was cut.

Shot showing that the towel has no edge.

Close-up of the edge or more technically correct - a close-up of the LACK of edge

Shot showing that the towel has no edge.

Even closer!

Extremely close shot showing that the towel has no edge.

Cloud 9 Towels in ACTION!

Recently I restored the original paint on a 1950 Pontiac Chieftain. This car had the original lacquer paint from 1950 and as of the year I'm typing this, (2021), this paint is 71 years old. I'll include the link to my write-up for the process I used to restore the paint below and in it I'll share how my Test Spot revealed the paint was super soft and was super easy to scratch if you're not careful. After machine polishing I applied a legendary carnauba blend liquid wax that after fully drying, wiped-off super easy - perfect for these towel.

1950 Pontiac Cheiften with dried wax on hood, waiting to have wax buffed off.

1950 Pontiac Cheiften with dried Collinite Insualtor Wax on hood, waiting to have wax buffed off.

Wax Wipe-off Time

After allowing the Collinite 845 to fully dry it was time to remove it. Andre recently brought me some new super soft, super fluffy edgeless microfiber towels to test out and these seem like a perfect match for this step.

Shot showing all products used and wax-dried car in background ready to be buffed.

Close up of dried on wax ready to be buffed off of a black car.

These towels are very thick and plush, they feel good in your hand...

Towel in hand about to buff off dried on wax.

Speed Master Towel buffing off dried on wax from car.

More important - they work GREAT!

Circle of wax buffed away showing shining paint.

Close up shot of front hood with dried on wax ready for buffing.

Speed Master microfiber towel buffing away dried on wax.

New Shot of Speed Master microfiber towel buffing away dried on wax.

New Shot of Speed Master microfiber towel buffing away dried on wax.

Buffing away dried wax.

Dried on wax ready to be buffed away.

Dried on wax ready to be buffed away using Speed Master Towels.

Buffing away wax from the car's hood.

And the final results after wax wipe-off....

Car with all wax buffed away.

Another shot with wax buffed away from the surface.

Final comments...

If you really like the feel of soft, fluffy luxurious towels and know how to take care of them, then get yourself a dozen in any of the three colors and enjoy the time you work on your car with a top notch towel.