Summer Tire Refresh Guide

Summer Tire Refresh Guide

We’ve been talking a lot about best detailing practices during the summer season (if you missed those, be sure to check out the Wolfgang Bug Removal & Paint Protection Guide, the Washing Your Car With A Foam Cannon, and if you have a boat, the Summer Boat Care Basics), but we haven’t yet touched on wheels and tires.

For many, the summer months means more driving, sometimes over longer distances and unfamiliar territory if road tripping, and in turn that may mean your tires and wheels are dirtier than they are in the other seasons. So if it’s been a while a since your tires and wheels have gotten some love, it might be time for a refresh – we’ll show you how!

For this refresh we opted to use the BLACKFIRE Tire And Wheel Cleaner, because it’s easy to use, doesn’t use harsh corrosive chemicals, and can be used on both wheels and tires, and the Pinnacle Black Label Tire Clear Coat, because we wanted something long lasting and with a killer shine.

Summer Tire Refresh quick gif of steps

Start by spraying the BLACKFIRE Tire and Wheel Cleaner thoroughly onto the wheels and tires. If necessary, give it a little dwell time (approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute, but don’t allow the product to dry on the surface). Use your wheel brush of choice to carefully remove brake dust from the wheels – we used the Speed Master Wheel Brush because the flexible shaft allows us to reach every inch of wheel to ensure a total clean.

Spraying BLACKFIRE Tire & Wheel Cleaner onto tire. Cleaning tire with Speed Master Wheel Brush.


Scrubbing wheel with Speed Master Tire Brush. Wiping wheel with Speed Master Wheel Mitt.


You can also use the Speed Master Wheel Mitt to give you more control during scrubbing in more contaminated areas.

Once the wheels are clean, move on to cleaning the tires. Spray another generous amount of BLACKFIRE Tire and Wheel Cleaner onto the tire and use a stiff bristled brush to scrub the surface. We used the SONAX Intensive Cleaning Brush.

Spraying tires with BLACKFIRE Tire & Wheel Cleaner Scrubbing tire with SONAX Intensive Cleaning Brush.


Once everything is clean, be sure to full rinse any residue away.

Rinsing tire & wheels with water. Cleaned and rinsed tire and wheel.


Before you can apply the Pinnacle Black Label Tire Clear Coat, fully dry both the tires and the wheels (not pictured).

Application of Pinnacle Black Label Tire Clear Coat is extremely easy – simply apply a nickle-sized amount of product directly onto a foam applicator and apply to the surface in an even layer.

Applying Pinnacle Black Label Tire Clear Coat to tire. Applying Pinnacle Black Label Tire Clear Coat to tire.


Multiple coats can be applied, but wait at least 60 minutes between coats to ensure the first layer has dried completely. Pinnacle Black Label Tire Clear Coat will provide ample protection from things like dirt, dust, and water for MONTHS – much longer than your standard tire gel or dressing!

And that’s it! Once your final layer of Pinnacle Black Label Tire Clear Coat is dry, you’re done! In about 2 hours you can give your tires a complete summer refresh and keep them looking good all season long.