Glass Polishes & Chip Repair

Glass Polishes & Chip Repair

Replacing windshields and windows can be expensive and time-consuming — and in the case of vintage vehicles, there may not even be a windshield that fits. Luckily, glass polishing compounds and accessories let you fix many issues. Some professional body and restoration shops even use our glass repair supplies to fix customer vehicles.

Autogeek Glass Polishing and Repair Supplies 

We stock everything you need to make clouded or scratched glass crystal-clear again. has developed many products for glass polishing based on our experience. Wolfgang Concours Series, Diamondite, Blackfire Car Care and other house brands are why we are car care. We also work with industry leaders like Lake Country Manufacturing and Griot’s Garage so you always can find the solution for your needs.

Easy Auto Glass Restoration

Polishing car glass gives it a deep cleaning while filling pits, removing road film and smoothing out fine scratches. More aggressive formulas help dissolve water spots, which are mineral deposits on windshields. Apply them topically on small areas or get a set of glass cutting pads to use with your machine polisher. Either method leaves you with a clear windshield for maximum visibility. Add a glass sealant to protect your work for many more trips down the road.

Vehicle Glass Polishes & Chip Repair Compounds

If you’ve never polished glass before, head over to the Geek Center or our YouTube channel. We’ve done multiple long-form video guides and have other free resources to assist with your glass polishing needs. Fast shipping means you can fix your windows and windshield sooner for a shinier, safer ride.