Some of the world’s most advanced detailing formulas come from GYEON of South Korea. Their Q2 car care and marine care supplies were introduced in 2012 following years of research and development. Each GYEON ceramic coating, along with many of their clays and wash formulas, are quartz-based. This gives excellent reflective properties and surface protection while bonding to almost any surface.

Quartz GYEON products can be applied to automotive paint, aluminum and chrome wheels, plastic dash panels and much more — and they won’t soften as they bond, creating a semi-permanent barrier. Instead of protection for a few weeks, you’ll enjoy months of shine on show cars and daily drivers alike. Watch our demonstration video to learn more about how GYEON detailing sets the standard for quality and value.

GYEON Detailing Kits & Professional Products

Shop at for the largest selection of GYEON car care solutions tested and approved by our staff. In addition to the original GYEON ceramic coatings, we stock foam wash, glass cleaner, iron remover, ceramic waxes and much more. The GYEON Experience Wash and Clean Kit contains nine samples that you can try to see which does the best work on your specific detailing needs.

GYEON also makes all the auto detailing tools you need to properly apply their formulas — and in our Besides The Ride department, you’ll find marine-grade cleaners and carry bags bearing the GYEON name. For both exterior and interior care, we have professional products that are easy for hobbyists to use. We’ve provided tips and information with each item to help you get started.